FAQ's: Regional Medical Campus

Is the curriculum the same as the main campus?

Yes. The curriculum at the RMC is the same as the main campus, using the same learning objectives and methods of assessment. However at the RMC, students have access to additional opportunities to enhance their clinical learning experience through initiatives such as the Family Violence Prevention Program, the Perinatal Depression Outreach Program, the Diabetes Medical Home Extender Program, and others at LifeBridge Health. In addition, RMC students can take electives elsewhere, including at main campus or at other national and international institutions; following the same guidelines as main campus students do.

Are the admission requirements the same as the main campus?

Yes. Applicants will be able to select among four different options included in their secondary application: RMC-only, RMC-preferred, main campus-only, and main campus-preferred. The same holistic review of application materials and criteria used by the main campus will also be used to select students for the RMC. RMC applicants will be asked additional questions related to their interest in the RMC on the GW secondary application. The contract offered for admission to medical school will indicate the assigned clinical campus based on the applicant’s initial selection in the secondary application.

Am I eligible for financial aid at the Regional Medical Campus?

Yes. RMC students have full access to financial aid and scholarships similar to main campus students. Additionally, RMC students will be given an automatic $10,000 scholarship each year for the last two years of medical school. This scholarship, and a lower cost of living in Baltimore may be attractive to students who are interested in minimizing educational debt.

How do I stay connected to GW when I move to the RMC for years 3 and 4?

Once accepted to GW, you are a GW student for your entire course of medical school, regardless of which campus you complete your clinical training. RMC students may continue to engage with mentors and advisors with whom they worked at the main campus. You will continue to have full remote access to the GW Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library and some telehealth services through the GW Student Health Center. If you are in DC, you also have full access to all main campus facilities, just like main campus students.

How do I find housing if I am an RMC student?

As an RMC student you would secure housing in DC for the first 18 months of medical school. After that, you will transition to Baltimore. Baltimore is home to 225 unique neighborhoods, some within minutes of Sinai Hospital. The staff in the RMC Dean's office will provide housing information to RMC students at least six months before the transition to Baltimore.

Will I have access to research opportunities at the regional campus?

Yes. Sinai Hospital is home to several clinical investigators who will welcome students into their research program or who will mentor a student in a project of their own. Many students engage in research between the first and second year of medical school. In addition, RMC students may continue with research they started at the main campus as they will continue to have access to all the necessary resources.

Can I participate in the Scholarly Concentration Program if I attend the RMC?

Yes. RMC students may join any of the Scholarly Concentration Programs available when they start medical school at GW. Most of the lectures and programming occur in the pre-clinical phase while at the main campus. During the clinical phase of training, RMC students will complete their scholarly project and an elective course in their scholarly concentration area as main campus students do. Electives may be at the RMC, the main campus, and may be virtual as well.

Will I be competitive for residency if I attend the regional medical campus?

The clinical experience at the RMC will make you well prepared for residency. Residency programs in different specialties vary in what they seek in applicants and how selective they are. Your grades and clinical performance in medical school and other accomplishments are all important for getting into the residency you desire. Sinai Hospital is home to seven (7) residency programs with robust academics, providing mentors familiar with the residency match who can help you prepare your application for any specialty. Although our regional campus is new, the experience of other regional campuses is that their students have been equally successful in the residency match as their main campus students.

Can I visit the regional medical campus at Sinai Hospital?

Yes. On visit days at GW and for interested students, we will schedule a tour of Sinai Hospital in Baltimore to give you the opportunity to explore the campus and meet students and faculty there.

Can I switch from the regional campus to the main campus if I want to?

We will assign students to the regional medical campus only if they applied there. All students are expected to complete medical school at the campus to which they were initially accepted and assigned. There is a policy that will allow a student, only after matriculation to the medical school, to request a campus change for compelling reasons, if there is a spot open at the other campus.