Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are vital to student success. There are several resources available at GW and virtually to help students create and maintain healthy lifestyles. Learn about on-campus student health services and helpful ways to improve your physical and mental health.

The Colonial Health Center (CHC), located on the ground floor of the Marvin Center, offers various services including primary care, immunizations, psychiatric care, ADD/ADHD evaluation and management, and smoking cessation programs. They also provide ancillary care including limited medical supplies and medication dispensing, limited on-site diagnostic testing, and lab and radiological referrals. You can also get information about student health insurance. 

To learn more about services offered by Colonial Health Center including hours of operation visit
Students can schedule an appointment online: or call 202-994-5300. 

The Center also offers a Self Help Library that provides valuable information to help students resolve personal difficulties including coping with stress, sleep and test anxiety tips, mindfulness tools, self-care tips and helpful resources to address anxiety, depression, distress, eating/exercising disorders, and acknowledging and celebrating the many identities of our student community.

Physical activity is an essential component to a healthy life. GW offers a variety of services designed to improve fitness which can have a positive impact on students’ physical health and endurance. 

The Learner Health and Wellness Center located at 2301 G Street, NW, offers various fitness activities to promote health and fitness in a state-of-the-art fitness center that houses a lap pool, suspended track, and various courts. Fitness activities include but are not limited to group fitness classes, weight training, and pink gloves boxing. They also offer massage therapy, personal training, equipment orientation, and can introduce you to some of the many intramural and sport clubs available at GW. DC walking and running routes for various distances are also provided.

Phone: 202-994-1532

Not on campus? Research private and public gyms or recreation centers in your area and sign up for a fitness class. If you don’t have the time for a formal class, consider some of the many fitness apps available that allow you to plan your exercise schedule at your convenience.  




fitbit icon

MyFitnessPal -  

my fitness pal icon

MapMyRun - 

map my run icon

Pear Personal Fitness Coach -

pear personal icon

Pocket Yoga -

pocket yoga icon

Sworkit -

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Nutritional intake can affect both our physical and mental health. It is vital that we eat a variety of healthy foods in order to supply our bodies with proper nutrients. The food we eat can positively or negatively affect our brains and many brain processes that impact our learning and comprehension.

GW has a helpful website dedicated to food and nutrition that allows students to access cooking videos from cooking classes with University Chef Rob Donais and informs students of campus activities taking place such as Food Day and Apple Day.  Visit to learn more about the Healthy GW initiative.

Here are some nutrition websites and apps that promote healthy eating and can help you meet your nutrition goals:

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Eat Right provides science-based food and nutrition information. -

ChooseMyPlate (free) offers a variety of online tools to help with developing a healthy eating plan and tips for eating on a budget. -

Fooducate is a free app and website that evaluates various foods based on how good they are for you. –

fooducate icon

HealthyOut (free app) helps you find healthy menu options at your local restaurants. –

healthy out icon

Hydro Diary (android app) allows you to track daily water and drink intake and provides reminders to drink based on your daily intake goal.

hydrop dairy icon

MyFitnessPal is a free app that allows you to count calories and import recipes to get a nutritional breakdown of your home-cooked meals. –

MyNetDiary (free app) allows you to log your food intake on a daily basis and gives you personalized diet advice

my net dairy icon

MyPlate (free app) tracks your food and exercise and allows you to connect with people with similar health or fitness goals. -

my plate icon

ShopWell is a free app that provides personalized food recommendations based on your individual goals and dietary restrictions. -

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Waterlogged (iPhone app) helps track your daily intake of water and reminds you to drink water based on your daily drinking goal. 

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Academic, emotional, and personal success can be affected by our mental state of health. The Colonial Health Center (CHC), located on the ground floor of the Marvin Center, offers various resources including counseling and psychological services. These services are provided in a respectful, non-judgmental, culturally sensitive, and confidential environment. 

Access to counseling is available during business hours; no appointment is required. In crisis situations, a counselor is available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Phone: 202-994-5300

The CHC offers individualized stepped care model of counseling.  Short-term individual counseling and group counseling services are available.
The CHC also offers an online Self Help Library filled with valuable education and information to help students gain knowledge, skills, and attitudes to help you resolve personal difficulties.

The Self Help Library can be accessed at The library includes information and guides on coping with stress, organization and stress management, sleep tips, coping with tragedy, alcohol use, anxiety, building better relationships, depression, grief and loss, mindfulness, suicide signs and risks, and self-care tips. The library also provides recommendations for helpful mindfulness apps and websites, reading therapy, film therapy, and YouTube therapy.

Other services offered include:

Let’s Talk that provides free drop-in consultation at various locations around campus.

Mental Health Discussion Series is a weekly, hour-long group discussion. No registration is required.

Suicide Prevention is available if you are having thoughts of suicide or feel a fellow student is in imminent danger.

    If you are having thoughts of suicide call 202-994-6111 (press option 2).
    If you feel one of your colleagues is in imminent danger to him/herself or others:
    If on campus call the University Police Department – 202-994-6111
    If off campus – call 911 or visit the nearest Emergency Room

CARE Network is a valuable resource for reporting a student you believe is in need of support. To learn more about the CARE Network or submit a CARE Network Report visit

Crisis Hotlines and Resources for Suicide Prevention, Physical and Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence Shelters, Rape/Sexual Assault, Victims of Crime Assistance, LGBTQIS+ Community Services, Sexual Health Services and Addictions/Substance Use are accessible at

Mental Health Assessments including anger management, mental health withdrawals, and post-hospitalization re-entry assessments are also available. Visit for more information.

Other available resources include:

Mindfulness Meditation is offered through the Himmelfarb Library during the fall and spring semesters. Take a look at their Healthy Living website for information on mindfulness meditation and other upcoming events.

Some free mindfulness and meditation apps available for download are:

Insight Timer

insight timer icon


aura icon


omvana icon

Stop, Breathe & Think

stop breathe and think icon


calm icon

Sleep is crucial in maintaining good overall and cognitive health. Poor sleep habits can have a significant impact on a student's memory and ability to focus. It also contributes to increased stress. 

The Colonial Health Center’s Self Help Library offers useful sleep tips, services, and resources for sleep. Access to these tips and services is available at

Spiritual health can be an important component of student wellness. Spirituality contributes to one’s sense of purpose and life meaningfulness. Spirituality is gained through various modes including our beliefs, values, ethics, morals, and religious faith. Some studies have supported a correlation between spiritual well-being and academic achievement.

The GW Multicultural Student Services Center offers religious life programs that include worship services, community building, study of sacred texts, and interfaith events. To learn more visit

The GW Institute for Spirituality and Health (GWISH) offers a variety of resources on spirituality and health that can be accessed at the following link

Religious Services at or near GW:

Newman Student Center -

Jewish Life @GW Hillel -

Muslim religious services postings by the GWU Muslim Students’ Association -

Information on interfaith and other religious faith services coming soon.

Your overall well-being and academic success can be seriously affected by the state of your finances. Worrying about bills, loans, and daily expenses can be stressful. Financial planning before, during and after your education is vital. Consider reaching out to a financial planner or visiting the financial aid office to ensure you are maximizing all available options and living within your means.

Here are some resources to assist you:

Office of Financial Assistance provides financial aid to undergraduate and graduate students. The office provides resources for financial literacy including websites, books, and professional associations that may be helpful. See link
Location: Colonial Central
Marvin Center Ground Floor
800 21st Street, NW
Phone: 202-994-6620
Fax: 202-994-0906

The Store is a GW student-run food pantry that provides resources and support for students living with food insecurity. The Store is located in District House B121 on the Foggy Bottom campus. To learn more about The Store visit

Financial Literacy with the Department of Education (DOE) – Let the DOE help you find a balance between your income, financial aid, and living expenses.

Live Life Smart Guide: Helpful Tips to Manage Your Student Loans by Nelnet Businesses offers a useful guide to help you set a budget, pick a loan repayment plan, and resources and tips to help you get and stay financially stable.