Current Resident Resources

Welcome GW Residents! Browse the information below for important resources you will find useful during your residency.

Resident Manual

Review the Resident Manual

The information in this Manual is designed to provide a reference for many of the questions you may have during your education as you become involved in patient care. If an answer is not found here, you are encouraged to call the service in question and to consult the institutional Standard Practices available at each hospital or medical institution. Many policies are also found in "Rules and Regulations of the Medical and Dental Staff" and in "Bylaws of the Medical and Dental Staff" of each hospital. We suggest you contact the GME Office, your Program Director, a member of the Residents Committee, or your Chief Resident(s) for clarification and additional information.

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences will make reasonable efforts to notify Residents of any material changes in the Resident Manual. The School of Medicine and Health Sciences’ current notice practice is to e-mail changes to the Resident Manual to the Resident’s University e-mail address maintained by the Office of Graduate Medical Education. It is the Resident Physician's responsibility to monitor his or her University e-mail account for information on any changes.

* The Graduate Medical Education Directory and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) use "resident" to designate all graduate medical education trainees in ACGME accredited programs. The terminology in this manual is consistent with that of the Directory and the ACGME.

JCAHO Regulatory Compliance Information

Download JCAHO Regulatory Information from George Washington University Hospital's Quality Department

Hospital Systems Access

GWU Hospital IT: (202) 715-4955

MFA IT: (202) 741-3636

University IT: (202) 994-4948

Moonlighting Information

Download the Resident Moonlighting Policy

Annual Physical Examination

Current residents are required to have a health assessment annually. Residents should report to Employee Health Services (EHS) to have their annual assessment completed. Clearance must be complete by August 31. Residents that work overnight and wish to be seen following their shift should report to EHS at 7:30 AM. Residents on day shift should report to EHS between the hours of 9:00 and 3:30 PM.

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