The Housestaff Council

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Resident Updates (April 2020):

If resident is exposed to CoVID-19 or develops symptoms

  • Inform your Program Director.
  • Tiger Text “MFA COVID-19 Consult”.
  • File Exposure Report through the Incident Reporting site
  • Go into Medhub and follow instructions under the Needlestick/Occupational Exposure Tab

Avenues of CoVID-19 testing at GWU

  • ER patients determined stable enough for outpatient follow up.
  • 2019 Novel Coronavirus (CoVID-19) Outpatient NAA LC 139900 with a turn around time of approximately 1 week.
  • Healthcare providers with suspected exposure or presenting with symptoms AND High risk patients admitted for CoVID-19 rule out.
  • SARS-CoV-2 PCR Assay Molecular Pathology that take 4-5 hours to run and 12-24 hours for results to be returned.
  • Low risk patients admitted for other diagnosis or procedure.
  • SARS-CoV-2 Real Time PCR that takes 45 minutes to run and around 2 hours to get results back.

Housing Options for Residents

If a resident wants to stay in the city away from home to minimize risks to their family members - the University will pay for their hotel cost if the resident stays in the Modus Hotel Group in DC.

  • If you are in quarantine – please call the Command Center (202) 715-4242 and they will direct you to the appropriate hotel. Currently using Hotel Hive.
  • If you are well and simply want to stay away from home – please contact The Modus Hotel Group. Please use the discount rate code “Extended20”. Hotels in this group include One Washington Circle (preferred), The River Inn, Avenue Suites, and Pod DC.

Free Childcare is available through Bright Horizons Childcare for all healthcare workers with children age 6 weeks – 5 years. They are located at 2101 L Street NW. Please email

There is disability insurance provided to all GW Residents if they contract the virus and are hospitalized as a result for 60 days. Please see GW Resident Benefits for more information.

Mental health and counseling services are available for residents during these stressful times through the University Employee Assistance Program Wellbeing Hotline toll-free at (866)522-8509 or TTY (888)879-8274 for all Housestaff and their families. This can also be accessed using the portal and clicking on Wellbeing Hotline under Working tab.

There are also private mental health groups in the area who are willing to provide free mental health support for anyone in the medical field. Please reach out to Mary Tucker, Dr. Frazier, or to Dean Rhonda Goldberg for more information (

Vacation forfeited for CoVID-19 response in the 19-20 academic year can roll over to 20-21 academic year.

Please fill out a CoVID-19 experience survey for a research study investigating how the Pandemic has impacted you and how that impact evolves over time. This is a short 20 question survey and should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

About the Housestaff Council

The Housestaff Council looks to the following rules to guide future projects and actions.

1. This is a council of collaboration and respect, all members will approach others with an open mind and the utmost professionalism.  

2. We will advance the quality of GW residency programs in wellness, clinical quality, healthcare information technology and all other aspects of clinical medicine and non-clinical residency life.

3. We will foster collaboration among residents, fellows, specialties, and hospital committees in order to reduce task duplication, increasing productivity and advocate effectively towards our common goals. 

The Housestaff Council meets quarterly. Attendance is limited to members nominated and selected to the Housestaff Council. Representatives are elected yearly. View your leadership here. Please email our leadership if you would like to get involved to find out who your specialty’s representative is. You may review our bylaws for more details.