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The Housestaff Council

Resident Updates (September 2019):

  1. New LGBT Subcommittee
  2. FYI: GW GME offers 24/7 counseling support for trainees free of charge for the first 4 visits plus intake evaluation. To schedule an appointment call (202)741-2881 or (202)741-2888. Also there is the University Employee Assistance Program Wellbeing Hotline toll-free (866)522-8509 or TTY (888)879-8274 for all Housestaff and their families. This can also be accessed using the portal and clicking on Wellbeing Hotline under Working tab.
  3. By popular demand, Massage Chairs are coming back! GME Housestaff Wellness Committee will restart the monthly Resident Massage Chair. 
  4. Meal Plan Allowance Increase from $6 to $8 per call shift. 
  5. Resident Lounge:  If residents have concerns or suggestions about the resident lounge, please email Peter DeRosa
  6. If residents are not satisfied with any aspect of patient care/program treatment of residents, please use the link below to make suggestions to improve- PLEASE BE VERY SPECIFIC. You can either fill out this form or enter in the worksheet below

White Coat Cleaning

In order to provide better service to you, GW Hospital has changed the vendor we partner with for the cleaning and pressing of white coats. With our new vendor, coats will be available for pick up 48 hours after drop off. Here is the process for having your white coats cleaned:

  1. Drop off your coat at Environmental Services (EVS) located in the basement.
  2. In two days, clean coats will be hung and labeled with the date outside of EVS.
  3. Coats that are not picked up within 30 days of cleaning will be stored.

About the Housestaff Council

The Housestaff Council looks to the following rules to guide future projects and actions.

1. This is a council of collaboration and respect, all members will approach others with an open mind and the utmost professionalism.  

2. We will advance the quality of GW residency programs in wellness, clinical quality, healthcare information technology and all other aspects of clinical medicine and non-clinical residency life.

3. We will foster collaboration among residents, fellows, specialties, and hospital committees in order to reduce task duplication, increasing productivity and advocate effectively towards our common goals. 

The Housestaff Council meets quarterly. Attendance is limited to members nominated and selected to the Housestaff Council. Representatives are elected yearly. Your leadership can be seen here. Please email our leadership if you would like to get involved to find out who your specialty’s representative is. You may see our bylaws for more details here.