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Student Profile

The Committee on Admissions seeks to build a diverse class to meet the broad and disparate needs of the local, national, and international community. Our new class is not only varied by educational experience, geography, age, race, and ethnicity, but also by experience and talent.

Students from our entering class participated in medical missions across the globe, tutoring, mentoring, and coaching, all with the intent to serve others. Several have served in AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps. Students in the entering class have been involved in the health and patient care fields as licensed emergency medical technicians, nurses, translators, nursing assistants, pharmacists, researchers, public health educators, and scribes, to name a few. Some have pursued careers in the military and teaching, as well as founded organizations and non-profits. They also excel in non-academic areas including a variety of talents in athletics, music, art, and dance.

How will you contribute to this diversity in the future?

Fall 2020 Entering Class Snapshot

  • 53% Female, 47% Male
  • Average age of 26 years, ranging from 19 to 40 years of age
  • Representing 30 states, DC, China, Saudi Arabia, and Canada
  • Varied ethnic backgrounds including self-description of, but certainly not limited to: AfricanAfrican-AmericanAsian Indian, Burmese, Colombian, CubanFilipino, Iranian, KoreanPakistani, Puerto Rican, SalvadoranSenegalese, Venezeuelan, and Vietnamese
  • 55% of the class self described as non-caucasian 
  • Average total MCAT score: 512
  • Average Undergraduate Overall GPA: 3.74
  • 87 colleges represented
  • Majors/Areas of Study: approximately 69% of students were undergraduate science majors
  • Top majors: Biological Sciences, Psychology, and Public Health

Medical Student Voices

Scott Baumgartner

Scott Baumgartner

Class of 2020
U.S. Military Academy, and University of Nebraska
U.S. Army Veteran
Washington, DC 20037

Sharjeel Chaudhry thumbnail

Sharjeel Chaudhry

Class of 2020
Cornell University

Andrew Garcia thumbnail

Andrew Garcia

Class of 2022
University of Arizona

Elizabeth Ghandakly 

Elizabeth Ghandakly 

Class of 2022
The Ohio State University

Brittney Gordon

Brittney Gordon

Class of 2021
Morgan State University

Daniel Thomas Thumbnail

Daniel Thomas

Class of 2021
Indiana University

Tess Whiteside Thumbnail

Tess Whiteside

Class of 2021
University of Denver and Johns Hopkins University