Clinical Public Health Graduate Medical Education Tracks

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In a time of unprecedented patient complexity in the face of health workforce shortages, burnout, and pervasive moral injury, resident physicians need an antidote. Clinical Public Health Tracks (CPH Tracks) provide remedy through empowerment, and seek to develop 21st century clinician leaders who have the experience, skills, and knowledge to promote health equity and population health outcomes in three key domains: Health Policy, Quality Improvement & Patient Safety, and Community Health & Advocacy. The CPH Tracks integrate applied learning opportunities for learners drawn from diverse specialties. The longitudinal curriculum will provide learners with unique experiences through a combination of in person discussions, group projects, self-directed learning, and experiential learning activities.

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Health Policy

This track aims to develop clinicians empowered with actionable advocacy and leadership skills including policy analysis, messaging, network building, and organizing to influence systems-level stakeholders. Learners will engage in activities like flipped classroom exercises, site visits, and workshops designed to build an advocacy “toolkit.”

Track Director:
Natalie Kirilichin, MD, MPH

Natalie Kirilichin

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Track Co-Director:
Maureen Byrnes, MPA

Maureen Byrnes

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Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

This track develops clinicians with mastery of key concepts and implementation of Quality Improvement (QI) and Patient Safety (PS) principles through didactics, experiential learning, and project management. Learners in this track will engage in activities like interactive sessions on data interpretation and change management, a journal club, and scholarly work preparation.

Track Director:
Courtney Paul, MD

Courtney Paul

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Track Co-Director: 
Katie Marko, MD, FACOG, NCMP

Dr. Kathryn Marko

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Community Health & Advocacy

This track develops clinician-advocates skilled in identifying community needs, collaborating with diverse partners to address needs and elevate community assets, and communicating effectively to decision-makers and the public. Learners in this track will engage in community site visits, create community advocacy products, and collaborate with academic and community partners to develop initiatives to improve health outcomes.

Track Director:
Lanre Falusi, MD, MEd

Lanre Falusi

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Track Co-Director: 
Adrienne Poon, MD,MPH, FACP

Dr. Adrienne Poon

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