Graduating Resident Resources

To all GW graduating residents and fellows:

Congratulations on the completion of your residency/fellowship program at The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences!

As you prepare to leave GW, you are required to complete the mandatory checkout process. This applies to all residents and fellows, including those who will become faculty members at GW.

Please read this information carefully — it will save you time. If you have any questions about this information, please call the GME Office at 202-994-3737.

Instructions and Requirements for Completing the Checkout Process

NOTE: The checkout process is mandatory. Residents who do not complete the process will not receive their certificates nor will requests for verification of training for licensure or hospital privileges be sent. Your file will be flagged until you return to GW to complete the process.  

Checkout Date

Your checkout date is the end date on your resident contract. If you are leaving GW earlier than the end date on your contract, the GME Office must have written permission from your program director to check out earlier than the date of your contract and stating the last day you are required to be on duty in your program. Your program director must email the information in advance directly to Mary Tucker, Director of GME. Phone calls will not be accepted.

Checkout Form and Release of Information Form

Checkout Form

Release of Information Form

You must be cleared by the areas listed on the Checkout Form: Medical Records, the Himmelfarb Library, and your program. Sign-off dates or emails can only be within three business days prior to your checkout date. If you are still seeing patients, you may not obtain sign-out from Medical Records until your last day of work and until your charts have all been completed. Sign and upload your checkout form, authorization of release of information form, and your signed summative evaluation to MedHub.

The Release of Information form is required as part of the final check-out process. This form gives the GME office and your program permission to provide information on your performance and/or satisfactory completion of your program to requesting hospitals, programs, and other institutions. Sign, date, and upload the form to MedHub.

Residency/Fellowship Certificate: You will receive your certificate from your program.

Inactive Employee Change of Address Form

Please keep your address current on the GWEB Information System. Login to the system to update your address in order to receive your W-2 form next year.

GW Email

Effective immediately, your email access will be terminated on your last day of employment. Please make sure you forward any email that you wish to keep to your personal email account. This will not affect residents who are transferring programs. If you are moving to an MFA position, however, you will lose access to your gwu email account.

Exit Survey

Completion of the exit survey is mandatory. You will receive an e-mail from the MedHub system with instructions. Your feedback on your experience at GW is invaluable to us as we strive to improve our programs. The MedHub system has been programmed to provide a list of residents who have completed the survey. Your responses will be generated in a separate report that does not identify the responder. Please check that you have completed the exit survey on your checkout form. Thank you for your feedback.

Payroll and Benefits Information

Leaving the University

Last paycheck: Your final paycheck will be direct deposited to your bank account on or around the last day of your resident contract.

Parking: Your GW ID and parking privileges will be deactivated on your last day of employment. If you are staying at GW as a faculty member or a chief medical resident, you must obtain parking through the MFA.

Malpractice Coverage and Claims History Information

Residents/fellows hired on or after October 1, 2007, download the information below:

Request for MFA Malpractice Certificate of Insurance

Request for MFA Malpractice Claims History

Complete form and submit requests (verification of malpractice coverage, verification of claims history, etc.) to

If you served as a resident/fellow on or prior to September 30, 2007, contact:

Ms. Thelma E. Wright
University Risk Management Office
Phone: 202-994-3265
Fax: 202-994-0130

Verification of Training

Requests for verification of dates of training needed for credentialing at other institutions should be sent to the GME Office.

Immunization/PPD Records

These records are maintained by the Employee Health Office located on the ground floor of the GWU Hospital and can be obtained by signing a release available in the Employee Health Office. These records are retained for a short time after completion of the program. If you need them after you leave, Employee Health will send them to another hospital or training institution, but not to you personally. Please contact Employee Health at 202-715-4275 to request these records.

NPI Number

You will need your NPI number if you are going into practice or to another training program. In addition, the contact information in your NPI record must be updated within 30 days of the effective date of change (but not before the effective date of completion of your program). Please see the NPI Number website to update your record.

Medical Licenses

GWU residents and fellows are issued training licenses or full medical licenses by the DC Department of Health. Residents who rotate to Virginia sites have training licenses issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia. When completing an application that asks for a license number, you may obtain this information as follows:

Please note that Maryland does not issue a training license, but instead requires that residents register as Unlicensed Medical Practitioners. These registrations are not verified. Residents may wish to contact the institution for clarification of the license question on the application, since many institutions require a response to this question only in reference to the full medical license.