Learning Environment Concerns & Accolades

The primary purpose of this confidential ‘listening post’ is to collect, in real-time, information about positive or negative experiences related to patient care, patient and student safety, and the learning environment for students. Comments not related to these areas should be directed to the appropriate individuals. For example, issues regarding the physical space or technology should be directed to classroom services while issues relating to course materials can be directed to the OME or the appropriate course director.

The reports submitted on this website go directly to the Office of Professional and Respectful Learning (OPRL). You can choose to remain anonymous or you can choose to provide your contact information, which will be available ONLY to the Director of the OPRL. The office encourages you to submit your contact information. This will allow the OPRL to get more information from you, if necessary, to intervene and will also allow the Director of the OPRL to provide you with feedback about how your report was managed. It will also allow the OPRL to provide you with any resources that you may need for support.

Students should be familiar with the policies and procedures of the SMHS regarding the learning environment, student mistreatment, and student supervision and the protections that they offer.

Praise and concerns will be shared with the individual and, when relevant, with their advisory dean, program director or chairperson as appropriate. Reports of inadequate supervision or patient safety concerns will be shared with course or clerkship directors or others with responsibility for student supervision or patient safety as appropriate. Reports related to sexual harassment, sexual assault., and stalking will also be shared with the GW Title IX office.

Please provide specific details in your report so that the OPRL is able to act on the information that you provide.

Report Excellence or Mistreatment 


OPRL Contact Information

Visit the Office of Professional and Respectful Learning Website

Jennifer Mendillo Keller, MD, MPH, FACOG

Director, Division of Education

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Director, Office of Professional and Respectful Learning

The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Email: oprl@gwu.edu