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Early Selection

Early Selection is a highly competitive program for applicants with academic distinction, a proven commitment to medicine with an early foundation in clinical experiences, and an interest in including more humanities, liberal arts and other non-science courses in their academic experience.  Please note that there are minimum eligibility requirements to apply which include a minimum overall 3.5 GPA and no Cs or below in science coursework. Applicants must meet the M.D. program technical standards requirements. Students apply to the Early Selection program during the second semester of their sophomore undergraduate year. Current GW applicants interested in Early Selection apply directly to the Office of MD Admissions, while those attending our contractual programs must be approved by a pre-medical advisor who will also provide a letter of presentation. 

Competitive applicants are invited to interview at GW late spring, and final decisions are made by the Committee on Admissions. If selected for the program, applicants are given provisional admittance to the GW MD program upon the completion of their undergraduate degree and contractual requirements of the Program. These include maintaining a minimum 3.6 GPA and competitive MCAT scores. The acceptance is provisional as program requirements must be maintained. The Committee on Admissions for the MD program reviews student files for final acceptance and promotion into the MD program. 

Early Selection students are expected to focus on dynamic experiences and opportunities before beginning their medical education.

Please note that all Committee on Admissions decisions are final and there is no appeal process.

For GW Columbian College Students:

For GW School of Engineering Students:

Non-GW Students: