Interviews & Decisions


Each year the Admissions Office offers approximately 1,000 interviews via email to selected applicants. The interview day includes a welcome, tour of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, student services presentations, and lunch with our current medical students. Each interviewee will participate in two interviews — one with a faculty member and one with a current student, which will last approximately 25 minutes. These interviews are "blind," meaning that the interviewers do not read the applicants' files prior to the interview and that the applicants are not notified of their interviewer information in advance.

Our interview season begins in August, with our first invitations being sent out in July and continues into March. Files may be read multiple times before a decision is made with regards to extending an interview, and it is quite common that files are put on hold before an interview invitation is extended. We recommend that applicants keep their file updated by using the online application portal throughout the application season.


Files for those interviewed undergo a final review before being submitted to the Committee on Admissions and requests for additional information may be made of applicants during this time. Three outcomes can follow an interview: (1) being admitted to the program, (2) being selected as an alternate or (3) being removed from further consideration. Final decisions are communicated on a rolling basis throughout the cycle, but per AAMC Traffic Rules, no offer of acceptance can be made in advance of October 15th, except for those applying Early Decision who will learn of a committee decision by October 1st. 

All deliberations by the Committee on admissions are closed and confidential. All decisions made by the Committee on Admissions are final. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept appeals.