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Day in the Life of a Medical Student

A Program for Family and Friends

"A Day in the Life of a Medical Student" is an all-day event held every two years to give family and friends of medical students an insider's view of their student’s lives and experiences here at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. The program is organized by a student committee representing all four years of medical school and includes sample lectures, hands-on activities, small group discussions, a luncheon and a mini-commencement ceremony.

The next Day in the Life is on April 1, 2017 and will be held in Ross Hall.

The most recent event was held on Saturday, April 11, 2015. See photos from the event here:


8:30 a.m.

Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:30 a.m.

Welcome and introduction followed by A Classroom Experience with faculty lecturers, Dr. Brown and Dr. Elliott


Join your medical student for lunch on the Georgetown Waterfront

2 p.m.

Discussion Group, Session #1 (see choices)

3 p.m.

Discussion Group, Session #2 (see choices)

4 p.m.

Commencement Activities and Farewell

Discussion Group Choices

  1. All Stitched Up - Think you might have the hands of a surgeon? Try your hand at the most basic of surgical skills: sutures and knot tying.
  2. Around the Clerkship Clock - Ever wonder what your 3rd/4th year does all day on rotations? Come see!
  3. Chief Complaint - Time to put on your white coat and interview your patient! It's your turn to be the doctor and figure out the diagnosis!
  4. Code Blue - Learn the basics of CPR so that when duty calls, you'll be ready.
  5. Compliment Your Health - Rebalance your "qi" and learn about the latest therapies in complementary and alternative medicine such as reiki, acupuncture and yoga.
  6. Don't Skip a Beat - Learn the basic heart sounds and test your skills on the state of the art patient simulator, Harvey!
  7. Gray's Anatomy - Take a tour of the gross anatomy lab and learn about the human body through a demonstration by faculty and students!
  8. Hey Baby - Can't make it to the hospital in time? Learn how to deliver a baby using our simulated patients!
  9. IV and Intubation - Airway. Breathing. Circulation. Learn the basics of placing IVs and breathing tubes to keep your patients alive.
  10. Matchmaking - From medical students to residency...what exactly is "The Match?"
  11. Oliver Mann - Walk through the case of Oliver Mann, every GW Med student's first patient.
  12. Physician Heal Thyself - Learn about the unique challenges of a career in medicine and how the profession is looking at improving the wellness of our doctors.
  13. Short Coats to Long Coats - Hear from a panel of physicians at various stages of their careers and what your student has to look forward to.
  14. Sim Man - How well will you fare with the Sim Man - our robotic patient who breathes, bleeds, and feels pain? Come test your medical skills with the most advanced technology.
  15. Skin Deep - Explore the human body with the use of non-invasive ultrasound technology to see beating hearts, abdominal organs, and more!
  16. State of the GW Union - Straight from the Dean, hear about the exciting things happening at GW Med.
  17. Vitals R Vital - Heart rate. Blood pressure. Respiratory rate. Temperature. Sound basic? It's your turn to hone these physical exam skills.
  18. What Would You Do? - Experience the ethical dilemmas doctors face every day.