Policies & Forms

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1. Guide to Students’ Rights and Responsibilities*

A.    Equal Opportunity
B.    Sexual Harassment
C.    Privacy of Student Records
D.    Student Grievance Procedures*

*Where indicated, University and Health Sciences policies superseded by material in Program Handbook.)  

2. University Policy Regarding Religious Holidays

3. Tuition Refund Policy









Academic Forms (for Registration, Credits, Major)
  • Complete Withdrawal — Used when a student is dropping all courses in a term and is not registering for Continuous Enrollment or Leave of Absence.
  • Credit Transfer — Used to request the transfer of credit from another institution.
  • Level Change Request Form — Used to correct undergraduate (01) vs. graduate (02) level designation of courses. Course level and student level must be the same in order to be counted towards a student's graduation GPA/credit hours.
  • Major Change — Used to request a change of major.
  • Registration Transaction Form — Used when a student cannot adjust his or her registration online in GWeb. Most commonly used for backdated registrations, or to add, drop, or withdraw from a course after the registration deadline has passed.
  • Re-admission Request Form - Students previously enrolled in Health Sciences Programs who wish to resume studies in their prior degree or certificate program, may be eligible to submit a Readmission Request Form instead of re-applying if the request is made within three years of breaking enrollment.
  • Appeal Form for Cases of Alleged Improper Academic Evaluation - The Appeal Form should be used for parts 1 and 2 of the appeal process.
  • Leave of Absence/Continuous Enrollment Registration Form - Used when a student is requesting either Continuous Enrollment or a Leave of Absence from the institution.
Clinical Forms (for MLS, PA, & PT students)
  • Immunization Form — Required for all new students in PA, and PT. Required for MLS students before entering clinical affiliations (Phase II).
  •  Physical Exam Form — Required for all new students in PA and PT. Required for MLS students before entering clinical affiliations (Phase II). Must be updated annually. Submit to your program via your MyRecordTracker account
Graduation & Certificate Completion Forms
  • Graduation Application — For AS, BSHS, MSHS, OTD, and DPT degrees, apply via GWeb after registering for your final semester. The application deadlines are: October 1 for Fall, February 1 for Spring, and July 1 for Summer semesters. For eligible summer graduates who plan on attending commencement activities in the spring, the application deadline is March 15 (after you register for your final summer classes). If you missed the deadline or have questions about attending spring commencement as a summer graduate, please contact your academic advisor.
  • Certificate Completion Application — Graduate and undergraduate students completing certificate requirements in the Clinical Laboratory Science, Clinical Research Administration, Clinical Translational Research, Health Care Quality, Medical Laboratory Science, Physician Assistant, and Regulatory Affairs programs, must submit this Certificate of Completion Application Form to receive their certificate. Submit to the Health Sciences Office of Student Services by the preferred deadlines: October 1 for Fall, February 1 for Spring, and July 1 for Summer semesters.
Petition Requests
  • Petition Request (general) — form used to make any special request or exception regarding academic or registration policy. Most commonly used for registration/tuition adjustment and Continuous Enrollment (CE) requests. Often used in conjunction with the Registration Transaction Form. CE applies to students who will not be registered for a course, but will be continuing work from a previous term (e.g. completing requirements for course in which an incomplete (I) or In Progress (IPG) was earned; extended clinical rotation, or continuing research). It is also used in the final graduation term if the student is not registered for any other courses.
  • Petition Request (Course Drop/Withdrawal or LOA) - Prior to Spring 2021 - form used to drop/withdraw from a course taking place prior to Spring 2021 or to request a "Leave of Absence" (LOA). A LOA applies to students seeking an approved break from their program of study.
  • Petition Request (Course Drop/Withdrawal or LOA) - Spring 2021 and Onward - form used to drop/withdraw from a course taking place during or after Spring 2021 or to request a "Leave of Absence" (LOA). A LOA applies to students seeking an approved break from their program of study.
Transcripts and Certifications

Transcript Requests — Used to request official copies of GW transcripts only. If you wish to have transcripts from another institution sent to GW, please contact that institution's Registrar's Office. Certification Request – Used to certify enrollment, registration, graduation status, and academic standing for current students and alumni. 

Personal Information Update
  • Name/SSN/DOB/Gender/Address - To officially change your name, social security number, date of birth, gender, or address, you must complete this electronic form and provide supporting documentation. Current students may also log into the GWeb Info System to change their address, phone, or email.

Credit Card Payment  — Can be used to pay tuition and other fees for distance education students only.

Mistreatment of Health Sciences Students

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences is committed to maintaining a positive environment for study and training, in which individuals are judged solely on relevant factors such as ability and performance, and can pursue their educational and professional activities in an atmosphere that is humane, respectful and safe. The Code of Conduct in the Learning Environment establishes the expectations of faculty, residents, students, other health professionals, and staff in the learning environment. If a student believes he/she has been mistreated he/she has two options to address that mistreatment, consultation and formal complaint. Both procedures are outlined in the Mistreatment Policy and Procedures. Students may choose from several resources for consultation including faculty and the designated student Ombudsperson. The Health Sciences Student Ombudsperson is Susan Okun, JD, MEd (Ombudsperson_HS@gwu.edu).