Resident/Fellow Reappointment

Contracts and required documents are now available on the MedHub system for residents and fellows who are continuing in their programs or transferring to new programs at GW for the upcoming academic year. Please log into MedHub and follow the instructions regarding the submission of the required documents.

The deadline for signing your contract and submitting documents is TBD.

Note:  Residents who are advancing from the PGY 2 to the PGY 3 level must bring or have on file in the GME Office your passing score for USMLE Step III in order to obtain a new contract and be promoted to PGY 3. View the Step III Policy.

The contract packet consists of the following documents:  

  • Renewal Contract for the current academic year
  • DC License Acknowledgment Form
  • USMLE Step 3 Attestation (To be completed by PGY 2 residents only)
  • Lab Coat Order Form
  • Maryland Board of Physicians Unlicensed Medical Practitioner Form, if applicable to your program
    A separate registration form must be completed for each Maryland site.
  • Annual Physical Exam
    All residents and fellows are required to be cleared by Employee Health annually. Please return this form to the Employee Health Office at GW Hospital no later than September 30. Non-compliant residents will be suspended from clinical duties. Click here to review the Medical Clearance Policy.

Additional Requirements:

  • Updated CV for the current academic year.
  • Copy of DC License (if you have recently obtained a full license or if you are transferring to a fellowship program)
  • Mandatory OSHA Training
    Login to the MedHub system and review the slides complete the OSHA exam.  The training must be completed by July 31.
  • Mandatory HIPAA Training
    The HIPAA training for residents and fellows has been updated and will now be required annually. This training will be available on the University's Talent@GW - Learning site. You will receive an email in your address with a link to access the training. You will need your GWID number.
  • DC Board of Medicine Medical Training License Renewal (Email sent from the D.C. Board of Medicine)
    Note: All Medical Training Licenses must be renewed and approved by the start date of your contract.
  • Virginia Training License Application
    GME will renew all licenses issued last year. If you are required to obtain a new license, please inform the GME office.
  • Resident Manual (By signing your contract, you acknowledge that you have been given access to the Manual).
  • DEA Numbers: New DEA numbers will be issued.  Please come the GME office to obtain your new number.
  • Parking
    New decals will be available beginning June 1. You must have a decal for the current academic year on your car by July 1. Take your vehicle registration to the Faculty and Staff Service Center at Rice Hall, 2121 I Street, 1st floor.
  • Benefits -- Click the benefits link for a detailed description of Resident/Fellow Benefits
    Note: Benefit elections can only be changed during the fall open enrollment.