Center for the Applications & Scholarship of Theatre (CAST)

The Center for the Application and Scholarship of Theater (CAST) in Medicine engages healthcare professionals with artistic plays and interactive curriculums about complex and diverse issues in medicine.

Housed at George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences, CAST is a collaborative initiative that joins an expert in healthcare provider behavior and medical education, a prominent theater artist, a diverse advisory board, and professional actors.

Sentinel Event Plays

Presentation of interconnected scenes based directly on real life breakdowns and errors that occur in medicine. Performances are followed by a dialogue driven curriculum focused on addressing system and human factors that contribute to sentinel events in medicine.

Interactive Theater

Following the presentation of a play, participants interact directly with characters from the production, exploring the complexities, perspectives and dynamics of the subject matter.

Interventions: Case Study Plays

Individually focused plays and sketches that are created from specifically requested cases, providing health professionals an opportunity to examine and solve a three-dimensional, theatrical model.

Interactive Workshops

Fast paced, engaging sessions that utilize theatrical exercises and games to build skills related to communication, teamwork, and creative problem solving.


Half to whole day retreats that feature plays, skill building workshops, and breakout sessions.