Alpha Omega Alpha

Alpha Omega Alpha (AΩA) is the only national medical honor society in the world. It was founded in 1902 in order to recognize and perpetuate excellence in the medical profession. AΩA at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences is the oldest chapter in Washington, D.C., founded in 1954. Senior medical students are elected to the honor society based on their academic performance, extracurricular activities, research endeavors, and commitment to the community. In addition, each chapter of AΩA elects deserving house staff, full-time faculty, and medical school alumni each year.

Each year the students selected for induction organize tutorial services for underclassmen in academic need, volunteer at community-based medical clinics and collect residency interview experiences for our GW AΩA Guide to the 4th year, an ongoing service project to the school.

Students, alumni, faculty, and house staff are officially inducted into AΩA just prior to the medical school graduation ceremony in May.

Currently, Dr. Alan Wasserman is GW's AΩA counselor and Dr. Angelike Liappis is the chapter's secretary.

Alpha Omega Alpha Class of 2021

Agdashian, David Aizman, Leora (Elected with the Class of 2020)
Akhtar, Aslam Almeida, Neil
AlSamman, Marya Aquino, Gabrielle
Archuleta, Christine Ben-Maimon, Sivan
Bestourous, Daniel Darwish, Christina
Dharia, Ishaan Fuerst, Megan (Elected with the Class of 2020)
Gordon, Brittney Hayrapetian, Laurie
Ichiuji, Brynne Kafashzadeh, Dariush
Kartalias, Katina Lee, Paulyne
Mandler, Ari Mangipudi, Sowmya
Nguyen, Chantal Nogues, Juan
Ong, Paulina Pat, Vivien
Pepin, Abigail Pugliese, Christina
Ramamurti, Pradip Rokni, Alex
Rosseau, Natalie Sohal, Preet
Straughan, Alexander Ward, Caitlin
Whiteside, Tess Zemel, Rachel
Zepp, Molly