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SMHS Leadership

Dean of the School

Dean Barbara Bass, MD

Barbara Lee Bass, MD, RESD '86
Vice President for Health Affairs,
Dean, School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Chief Executive Officer, The GW Medical Faculty Associates
Email: smhsdean@gwu.edu

Chief of Staff:
Sharon Boyd
Phone: 202-994-9518
Email: sboyd@gwu.edu

Special Assistant to the Dean and Vice President for Health Affairs:
Kristin Furio
Phone: 202-994-5607
Email: kfurio@gwu.edu

Senior Associate Deans

Dr. Reamer Bushardt

Reamer L. Bushardt, PharmD, PA-C, DFAAPA
Senior Associate Dean for Health Sciences
Email: rbushardt@gwu.edu

Administrative Support:
Alexandra Dacey
Administrative Associate
Phone: 202-994-2668
Email: adacey@gwu.edu

Lawrence Deyton

Lawrence "Bopper" Deyton, MD ’85, MSPH
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Public Health
Email: ldeyton@gwu.edu

Administrative Support:
Sandra Carter
Senior Administrative Assistant - VPHA
Phone: (202) 994-7592
Email: sanfcarter@gwu.edu

Dean Haywood

Yolanda Haywood, MD, RESD ’87
Senior Associate Dean for Diversity & Faculty Affairs
Phone: 202-994-4242
Email: yhaywood@gwu.edu

Administrative Supervisor:
LaQuita Ross
Phone: 202-994-2170
Fax: 202-994-0926
Email: lbeale@gwu.edu

Robert Miller

Robert H. Miller, PhD
Vivian Gill Distinguished Research Professor
Vice Dean for Research and Academic Affairs
Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Phone: 202-994-6985
Email: rhm3@gwu.edu

Administrative Support:
Sara VanDommelen
Research Administrator
Phone: 202-994-6985
Email: slv15@gwu.edu

Richard J. Simons

Richard J. Simons, MD
Senior Associate Dean for MD Programs
Email: rsimons@gwu.edu

Administrative Support:
Penelope White
Executive Assistant
Phone: 202-994-9528
Email: pwhite16_@gwu.edu


Anthony Artino

Anthony Artino, PhD
Associate Dean for Evaluation and Educational Research
Phone: (202) 994-9238
Email: aartino@gwu.edu

Huda Ayas

Huda M. Ayas, EdD ’06, MBA ’98, MHSA ’93
Associate Dean for International Medicine
Executive Director, Office of International Medicine Programs
Phone: (202) 994-2796
Email: hayas@gwu.edu

Administrative Support:
Isabela Barriga
Program Associate
International Medicine Programs
Phone: 202-994-2796
Email: ibarriga@gwu.edu

Steven Davis

Steven Davis, MD
Interim Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Email: spdavis@gwu.edu

Administrative Support:
Sherry Brody
Executive Coordinator for Year III
Phone: 202-994-2202
Email: sherrybrody@gwu.edu

Harold Frazier, II, MD

Harold A. Frazier, II, MD
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
Phone: (202) 994-3737
Email: hfrazier@gwu.edu

Vittorio Gallo

Vittorio Gallo, PhD
Associate Dean for Child Health Research
Email: vgallo@childrensnational.org

Rhonda Goldberg

Rhonda M. Goldberg, MA
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Phone: (202) 994-3176
Email: rmgoldb@gwu.edu

Administrative Support:
Valerie Espinoza Chowdhury
Executive Coordinator for Years I & II
Phone: (202) 994-3176
Email: vespinoza@gwu.edu 

Pritha Ghosh, MD

Pritha Ghosh, MD
Interim Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for SMHS MD Program
Email: pghosh@gwu.edu

Catherine Golden

Candice Johnson
Associate Dean, Interim / Academic & Student Affairs
Phone: (202) 994-0412
Email: candicej@gwu.edu

Alison Hall

Alison Hall, PhD
Associate Dean for Research Workforce Development
Phone: (202) 994-0200
Email: akhall@gwu.edu

Robert Jablonover, MD

Robert Jablonover, MD
Assistant Dean for Pre-Clinical Education
Phone: 202-994-9475
Email: rjablono@gwu.edu

Terry Kind

Terry Kind, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Clinical Education
Phone: 202-994-9587
Email: tkind@gwu.edu

Administrative Support:
Penelope White
Executive Assistant
Phone: 202-994-9528
Email: pwhite16_@gwu.edu

Trudy Mallinson, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA

Trudy Mallinson, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA
Associate Dean for Health Sciences Research
Phone: (202) 994-6833
Email: trudy@gwu.edu

Diane McQuail

Diane McQuail, MA
Associate Dean of Admissions for the MD Program
Phone: (202) 994-3749
Email: medadmit@gwu.edu

Lorenzo Norris

Lorenzo Norris, MD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Email: norrismd@gwu.edu

Administrative Support:
Sandra Carter
Phone: 202-994-7592
Email: sanfcarter@gwu.edu

George Washington Head Placeholder

Nancy Rambo, MBA
Assistant Dean Finance and Principal Business Officer
Finance Director - Research Investment, Strategy & Operations
Phone: 202-994-5818
Email: nrambo@gwu.edu

Administrative Support:
Sandra Carter
Senior Administrative Assistant - VPHA
Phone: (202) 994-7592
Email: sanfcarter@gwu.edu

Stephen Teach, MD

Stephen Teach, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Pediatric Academic Affairs
Email: steach@childrensnational.org

Lourdes Winberry

M. Lourdes Winberry, MPH
Associate Dean for Health Affairs
Phone: (202) 994-0149
Email: lourdesw@gwu.edu