Registration & Textbooks

Register for Classes

1. Once you have a list of courses you plan to take, get the Course Reference Numbers [CRN] from the Office of the Registrar's course schedule.

  • Under the semester you are registering for,  click on the appropriate campus, Main Campus or Off Campus (a.k.a. DE, Distance Education).
  • Select appropriate Subjects for your courses:
    • CML = Clinical Management and Leadership
    • CRA = Clinical Research Administration
    • EHS = Emergency Health Services
    • HCQ = Health Care Quality
    • HSCI = Health Sciences Programs
    • INFR = Medical Informatics
    • INTM = Integrative Medicine
    • MLS = Medical Laboratory Sciences
    • OT = Occupational Therapy
    • PA = Physician Assistant
    • PT = Physical Therapy
    • RAFF = Regulatory Affairs
    • THS = Translational Health Sciences

2. Once you have the CRNs for your courses, go to the GWeb Information System.

  • User ID = your GWid. If you do not know your GWID, go to the GWid page to retrieve it
  • PIN = Your default PIN is your date of birth, e.g. March 6, 1970= 030670.
  • Click on Student Records and Registration.
  • Click on Registration Menu.
  • Click on Register, Drop and/or Add Classes.
  • Select the appropriate term and click Submit Term.
  • Enter the CRN of the courses you're taking—this is the same number as in Step # 1 above.

Be sure to register on time. An $80 fee is assessed for any late registration, beginning on the first day of the course.

If you are applying for financial aid, you must register for at least the number of credit hours indicated on your Loan Questionnaire. Anything less will delay your disbursement.


To determine what textbooks are required for your courses, consult the Registrar's Schedule of Classes. Each course contains a link for "Books."

The George Washington University Bookstore is located in the University Student Center on campus and provides online ordering.
(202) 994-6870

Some courses may require additional items for purchase such as software or journal articles. A list will be available in Blackboard when the course begins.