Post-Baccalaureate Linkage Programs

The GW MD program has contractual relationships, or linkages, with a select number of post-baccalaureate programs. Students enrolled in these select programs should work with their post-baccalaureate program advisor and The GW MD program to apply for the linkage program and potential admission to The GW MD program. 

Linkage application requires approval from the post-baccalaureate program and The GW MD program as part of a defined selection process that requires evidence of strong academic preparation (minimum overall 3.6 total undergraduate GPA before post-baccalaureate coursework as well as previous solid standardized test performance (SAT / ACT), exemplary post-baccalaureate academic accomplishment, and strong MCAT performance from a single test administration after enrollment in the post-baccalaureate program. The primary advantages of pursuing linkage program acceptance include early notification of provisional acceptance before completing the post-baccalaureate program and eliminating a glide year between the conclusion of the post-baccalaureate program and enrollment in medical school at GW. Applicants apply through their respective and appropriate post-baccalaureate advisors, who present those candidates deemed competitive to the GW Committee on Admissions for review, possible interview, and possible acceptance into the linkage program. Students accepted to the linkage program are then reviewed by the Committee on Admissions upon completing all final approval and promotion requirements into the MD program. The attainment of academic and standardized testing needs contractually outlined at the time of linkage program acceptance, and ongoing personal and future professional comportment are considered for promotion into the MD program. Applicants must meet our technical standards requirements.

GW has linkages with the following post-baccalaureate programs:  

Don't hesitate to contact the post-baccalaureate pre-medical programs via the links above for complete information.