Early Decision Program

Early Decision is an accelerated application process recommended to outstanding applicants that grants them a decision by October 1. Please review all official AMCAS Early Decision guidelines before submitting your application. Please note that you cannot change this status if you submit an AMCAS application before designating us as an Early Decision school.

Suppose you are interested in applying Early Decision to GW. In that case, we require that you set up an appointment (in person or via phone) well before your AMCAS application with the Assistant Dean for Admissions to discuss your application. Please email medadmit@gwu.edu to arrange this meeting time.

Your application must be complete and submitted by August 1. This includes a verified AMCAS application, completed secondary application, all letters of recommendation, and a reported, valid MCAT score.

Early Decision Deadlines

  • August 1 - All admissions material must be submitted
  • October 1 - Decisions made on applications