Prospective Students

The Committee on Admissions seeks a responsible, mature, and ethical applicant who is passionate about medicine and understands that the role of an MD is a lifelong experience and challenge. An applicant should have experiences working and serving in the community and in healthcare, as well as leadership experience, and a proven ability to work with people. An ideal applicant can demonstrate success in working in team settings, has developed robust interpersonal and social skills, and demonstrates a keen level of cultural competency.

The committee is focused on academic achievement, personal attributes and experiences and works to identify these characteristics through review of the applicant's academic history; personal statement and supporting essays; letters of recommendation; and personal, professional, and life experiences. In order to develop a diverse class of students they also look closely at geography, colleges attended, majors and minors, graduate course work, non-traditional experiences, and unusual interests or hobbies. Through holistic review of these materials, the committee seeks to understand the applicant's path to medicine, including his or her background, challenges faced, and personal history. The applicant should also address specific reasons for wanting to join the GW community.

Affiliate Locations

Our MD Program students have the ability to work clinically at a variety of locations, gaining exposure and experience in working in a wide variety of patients.

Some of the affiliate locations where our students participate in clinical rotations include: