Translational Strategies

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Our diverse, multidisciplinary faculty and students conduct innovative research on a wide variety of health care issues. Collectively, this research reflects the following translational strategies:

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Applying Theory, Measurement, and Methods

By applying conceptual models, contemporary approaches to measurement, and novel study designs, faculty research drives innovation in health sciences research.

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Promoting Wellness and Healthy Living

Health Sciences faculty are expert in conducting research that addresses individuals’ unique responses to treatment, whole-person mind-body-spirit approaches, and lifestyle adaptations that help individuals recover, adapt, and thrive.

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Biomedical Informatics and Data Analytics

Health Sciences faculty leverage cutting edge computational technology to predict and improve patient outcomes; they apply advanced qualitative methods to advance the understanding of health and health care within a social context; and they integrate these methodologies to address complex health care problems.

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Developing Novel Interventions

Creating new solutions to health care problems in educational, medical, or home and community settings, Health Sciences faculty conduct research aimed at improving health outcomes, health care quality, health care delivery, and health sciences education.

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Translating Knowledge to Action

By integrating and collaborating across translational strategies, GW Health Sciences researchers collaborate on highly interdisciplinary teams translating knowledge that produces change in health care and education through the application of innovative mixed methods designs and using dissemination strategies designed to effectively reach key stakeholders.

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