Regional Medical Campus at LifeBridge Health

Doctor talking to students

We are pleased to announce our NEW Regional Medical Campus located at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, part of the LifeBridge Health System. Our first regional campus began in April 2023, where students will complete the clinical phase of the MD Program. Applicants can now choose either the main or regional campus when applying to the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Beginning August 2024, newly admitted students will be accepted as a main campus student or a regional campus student. 

All accepted students will complete the pre-clinical phase of medical school at the main campus in DC and then regional campus students will transition to Baltimore for the clinical phase of training at Sinai Hospital. The MD degree conferred by the GW SMHS will be the same for all graduates regardless of the clinical campus in which training was completed.

About the Regional Medical Campus

The Regional Medical Campus in Baltimore is designed for medical students who desire to train in a clinical environment of an integrated healthcare delivery system committed to population health. The Regional Medical campus is located at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, part of the LifeBridge Health system. LifeBridge Health provides the full spectrum of outpatient and inpatient healthcare under one organization and partners with others to identify and address the social determinants of health impacting the communities it serves.

Sinai Hospital has a rich history of medical education and is a 483 bed teaching hospital that sponsors seven (7) residency programs (including internal medicine, pediatrics, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, general surgery, OB/Gyn, physical medicine, and rehabilitation) as well as competitive fellowship programs. Founded in 1866 as a hospital to serve Jewish patients and to train Jewish medical students and residents not accepted elsewhere, Sinai continues with a spirit of diversity and inclusion for its trainees, employees, and patients. The hospital is home to several clinical Centers of Excellence and of the only hospital based bio-incubator in Maryland where healthcare startup companies can bring new inventions to clinical care.

The RMC will be administered locally by the Senior Associate Dean for the Regional Medical Campus in addition to assistant deans for student affairs and curriculum. There are other staff in the RMC Dean’s office to support students. The newly renovated and expanded simulation center at Sinai Hospital has a team dedicated to simulation education and the standardized patient program, similar to the main campus. Additionally, the RMC has a new student lounge for GW medical students, computer labs, conference rooms, and a medical library. Each clinical clerkship will have a clerkship director, clerkship coordinator, and a team of faculty to teach, mentor, advise, and support students during the clinical phase of training.


Scott D. Krugman, MD, MS, FAAP

Scott D. Krugman, MD, MS, FAAP
Senior Associate Dean for the GW Regional Medical Campus at LifeBridge
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

Stephanie Sharps, MD, FACP

Stephanie Sharps, MD, FACP
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs for the Regional Medical Campus
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine

Is the Regional Medical Campus right for you?

The Regional Medical Campus (RMC) is well suited for medical students who want to train in a clinical environment committed to community and population health. Applicants to the MD program will be given the opportunity to select the RMC for their clinical medical education in their secondary application. The RMC experience will be complementary to the Clinical Public Health focus of the GW SMHS curriculum and gives real-life context to what our students learn in the Patients, Populations and Systems course in the pre-clinical phase of the curriculum. With a class size of up to 30 students, the RMC is ideally suited for students who may thrive in a smaller, tight-knit learning environment with more opportunities for direct access to faculty physicians and hands-on clinical experience. Unlike the main campus experience, all required third and fourth year clerkships at the RMC are at a single site, giving opportunities to build a strong sense of community, shared mission, and lasting relationships. Although RMC students are well prepared for any specialty, applicants interested in one of the specialties where Sinai Hospital sponsors residency or fellowship programs are encouraged to consider the regional medical campus. Baltimore is a medium sized city with a favorable cost of living, and it is home to sports teams and a thriving food and arts scene.

Living in Baltimore

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Photo of first MS3 cohort at RMC

MD Program students in April 2023 had an exciting first day at our new Regional Medical Campus, based at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, in partnership with LifeBridge Health. 


This policy was approved by the Committee on Admissions in April 2023 and was reviewed by the Associate Dean for MD Admissions, the Senior Associate Dean for MD programs, and the Associate Dean for RMC in April 2023.