Graduate Medical Education Committee

The GME Committee, currently under the leadership of Harold A. Frazier II, MD, FACS, Associate Dean for GME, is charged with the task of monitoring and advising on all aspects of residency education at GWU.  Membership consists of the program directors from the Core residency programs; several fellowship program directors; the resident leaders of the Housestaff Council; the Director and Assistant Director of Graduate Medical Education (GME); the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Quality Officer of the GWUH.  Meetings are held monthly.   The GMEC Executive committee consists of the Associate Dean, the Vice Chair of the GMEC, and the program directors of the five large residencies: Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia, OB/GYN, and Surgery.   The GMEC Exec committee meets on an ad hoc basis to manage any emergency issues. 

GME Committee Membership

Harold A. Frazier II, MD

GMEC Chair 

Jocelyn Repelyea, MD GMEC Vice-Chair
Mary Tucker Director, Graduate Medical Education
Mary Mosby Assistant Director, Graduate Medical Education
Jalil Ahari, MD Program Director - Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine (Internal Medicine)
Mark Baker, MD Program Director - Neurology
April Barbour, MD Program Director - Internal Medicine Primary Care
Tapan Bhavsar, MD Program Director - Pathology
Benedicto Borja, MD Program Director - Psychiatry
Robert Dean, MD Program Director - Urology
Jordan Estroff, MD Program Director - Surgical Critical Care (General Surgery)
Adam Friedman, MD Program Director - Dermatology
Kristinza Giese, MD Program Director - Forensic Pathology (Pathology)
Faysal Haroun, MD Program Director - Hematology & Oncology (Internal Medicine)
Katrina Hawkins, MD Program Director - Critical Care Medicine (Internal Medicine)
Ryan Keneally, MD Program Director - Anesthesiology
John Litchenberger, MD Program Director - Program Director for Radiology
Katie Marko, MD Program Director - Obstetrics and Gynecology
Nadine Mbuyi, MD Program Director - Rheumatology (Internal Medicine)
Sam Moghtaderi, MD Program Director - Orthopaedic Surgery
Chavon Onumah, MD Program Director - Internal Medicine
Perry Richardson, MD Program Director - Clinical Neurophysiology (Neurology)
Afsoon Roberts, MD Program Director - Infectious Disease (Internal Medicine)
Colleen Roche, MD Program Director - Emergency Medicine
Michael Rosner, MD Program Director - Neurological Surgery
Allen Solomon, MD Program Director - Cardiovascular Disease (Internal Medicine)
M. Reza Taheri, MD Program Director - Neuroradiology (Diagnostic Radiology)
Punam Thakkar, MD Program Director - Otolaryngology
Khashayar Vaziri, MD Program Director - General Surgery
Keith Wroblewski, MD Program Director - Otolaryngology
Maryssa Miller, MD Resident Representative
Melanie Schroeder, MD Resident Representative
Omar Yaghi, MD Resident Representative
Richard J. Simons, MD Senior Associate Dean for MD Programs
Swithin Kwanena-Poh Finance Director
Bruno Petinaux, MD CMO, GW Hospital
Ulises Torres Chief Quality Officer
Risk Management Director Risk Management representative