Scott Baumgartner

Scott Baumgartner

Class of 2020

"I chose GW because I sought a program that values personal and professional growth as much as it does academic development. The new curriculum clearly demonstrates this.  It is built upon a commitment to developing a physician who not only understands the science of medicine, but one who is also committed to professionalism, social conscience, and humanism.  This starts day one!  

While GW has an excellent academic reputation, I was certain that no matter where I went I would learn both basic and clinical science as well as the other requisite medical school courses. Whether in or out of the classroom, GW is filled with opportunities for growth. 

As a former Army officer and non-traditional student, I also value diversity, collaboration, and teamwork.  My class is undoubtedly rich in background, life experience, and beliefs.  This coupled with our dedication to each other’s success helps us each grow.  I sought a faculty that was truly committed to its students.  The feeling that they want nothing but my success is palpable.   

I knew GW would be a great fit for me after interview day experience.  I have not been disappointed."