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Brittney Gordon

Brittney Gordon

Class of 2021

Brittney completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Morgan State University, majoring in Biology and minoring in both Chemistry and Psychology. Brittney applied to GW's Early Selection Program during her sophomore year. Brittney was inspired to pursue medicine while volunteering with and observing physicians in Jamaica, where she grew up. During her undergraduate years, she gained substantial research experience at both Morgan State University and Johns Hopkins University.

“If asked why I chose's the people. [During my years] at GW, I have met and grown to love some of the most inspiring, self-less, and loyal people. Here, I have seen faculty and staff strive to ensure that the learning environment [discourages] hyper-competitiveness and distrust among peers.

GW has allowed me to learn and interact in an environment that genuinely works toward creating well-rounded and dynamic physicians. I have been given opportunities that have allowed me to enhance my views of the medical field, while also creating my own perception of how I would like to practice medicine. The support of my peers, faculty, and staff has made my experience [one that has exceeded my] expectations of what a physician should be, but also [taught me] what it means to just be a great human.