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Tess Whiteside

Tess Whiteside

Class of 2021

Tess attended the University of Denver and graduated in 2013 with a BS in Biology. She then completed the accelerated nursing program at Johns Hopkins University, earning her BS in Nursing in 2014. Prior to starting medical school, Tess worked for two years in the pediatric emergency department at Children's Hospital Colorado, where she concentrated on trauma nursing, conducted research on standardized debriefing after critical events, and developed her assessment and practical skills in a high-acuity medical environment.

“There is a quote on the iron gates outside of GW that encourages the reader to 'seek truth and pursue it steadily.' I saw this on the morning of my GW interview and it stuck with me throughout the decision-making process. It is not only a reflection of GW's dedication to educational rigor, but of the school's emphasis on integrity and excellence within medical practice. This has been reinforced again and again throughout my time at GW. 

I chose GW because I wanted a school that would allow me to build upon the clinical knowledge I had gained through my years of working as a nurse. The decision to change careers was difficult, but since starting at GW I have not looked back. I am consistently surprised and amazed by the breadth of talent and experiential diversity of my classmates. GW does a fantastic job of bringing together a diverse group of people and using that individuality as strength from which we all can learn and grow. We are as committed to each other's success as we are to our own, which creates a uniquely collaborative atmosphere for personal and professional development. I had been concerned about the transition from clinical setting back to the classroom, but I have felt both supported and appropriately challenged every step of the way. 

While at GW, I have been able to further my interest in trauma and emergency medicine as a member of the Medical Reserve Corps, DC's Disaster Action Team, and through a summer shadowing program at Children's National's emergency department. GW truly encourages students to push the boundaries of what they know and to explore all opportunities – I have worked with a facial plastic surgeon through the Clinical Apprenticeship Program, and I [completed a summer research internship] with an anesthesiologist at Children's National."