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This is the recommended program of study for students planning to obtain a CSM associate's degree and transfer to GW to complete the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) in Medical Informatics.

Medical Informatics has emerged as a new field of study that bridges human-computer interactions in the health care space, as well as how the data we collect in these settings can be leveraged to improve patient safety, outcomes, and quality.  Graduates of the BSHS in Medical Informatics Program are well prepared to utilize their knowledge of electronic health records and databases within clinical settings.

GW Entry Requirement CSM Accepted Courses # credits Notes

Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75.

Transfer coursework must be completed with a grade of C or higher.


English Composition

ENG 1010: Composition and Rhetoric

3 credits

Students must complete 3 credits.

Biology with Lab

BIO 1060/L: Principles of Biology I with lab

BIO 1070/L: Principles of Biology II with lab

BIO 2070/L: Human Anatomy & Physiology I with lab

BIO 2080/L: Human Anatomy & Physiology II with lab

4 credits

Students must complete 4 credits.


MTH 2300: Introduction to Statistics

MTH 2300H: Introduction to Statistics - Honors

3 credits

Students must complete 3 credits.

Social Sciences

COM 1010: Basic Principles of Speech Communication

COM 1010H: Basic Principles of Speech Communication Honors

COM 1020: Introduction to Mass Communication

COM 1250: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

COM 1350: Intercultural Communication

ECN 1200: Introduction to Economics

ECN 1500: U.S. Economic History

ECN 2020: Principles of Microeconomics

ECN 2025: Principles of Macroeconomics

ECN 2100: International Economics

ENV 1400: Environmental Law and Regulations

GRY 1050: World Regional Geography

GRY 1050H: World Regional Geography Honor

GRY 1100: Introduction to Geography

GRY 1200: Introduction to Archaeology

GRY 2020: Introduction to Cultural Geography

POL 1010: American Government

POL 1050: Introduction to Government and Politics

POL 2010: State and Local Government

POL 2020: International Relations

POL 2040: Political Ideologies

POL 2110: Social Policy

PSY 1010: General Psychology

PSY 2050: Human Development Through the Life Span

SOC 1010: Introduction to Sociology

SOC 2010: Technology and Society

SOC 2100: Social Problems

SOC 2220: Sex Roles and Gender

SOC 2310: Racial and Ethnic Relations

SOC 2400: Third World Societies

6 credits

Students must complete a minimum of 6 credits.


ART 1010: History of Western Art

ART 1020: History of Western Art

ART 1025: Introduction to World Architecture

ART 1030: Introduction to Art Appreciation

ART 1035: History of Photography

ART 1045: History of American Art

ART 1055:  The Art of Ancient Americas

ART 1065: Art of the Italian Renaissance

DAN 1210: History of Western Dance

ENG 2010: English Literature I

ENG 2020: English Literature II

ENG 2030: Intro to the Short Novel and Novel

ENG 2040: Introduction to Drama

ENG 2070: Introduction to Poetry

ENG 2140: The Film As an Art Form

ENG 2145: American Cinema/Culture

ENG 2200: American Literature I

ENG 2210: American Literature II

ENG 2230: Connections: Contemporary Writers and Issues

ENG 2235: Contemporary American Poetry

ENG 2240: African-American Literature

ENG 2250: Women Writers

ENG 2260: Ethnic American Literature

ENG 2270: Latin American Literature and Film

ENG 2320: World Literature I

ENG 2320H: World Literature I - Honors

ENG 2330: World Literature II

ENG 2810: The Vietnam War in Film and Literature

ENG 2825: American War Literature and Film I

ENG 2826: American War Literature and Film II

FRE 1010: Introduction to French I

FRE 1020: Introduction to French II

FRE 1050: The Culture of France

HST 1010: History of Western Civilization to 1300

HST 1012: History of Western Civilization II, 1300-1815

HST 1016: Women in Europe

HST 1017: History of Race and Racism

HST 1018: Ancient Greek and Roman History

HST 1019: Medieval Civilization

HST 1031: The United States to 1877

HST 1032: The United States Since 1877

HST 1034: History of Women in America

HST 1035: History of American Warfare

HST 1036: The US and 20th Century World Affairs

HST 1050: The American Experience

HST 1060: History of African Americans

HST 1070: History of Africa

HST 1072: History of the Modern Middle East

MUS 1020: Music Appreciation

MUS 1201: Classical and Romantic Music

MUS 1202: A Survey of American Music

MUS 1203: History of Jazz

MUS 1204: History of Rock Music

PHL 1010: Introduction to Philosophy

PHL 1020: Introduction to Logic

PHL 1030: Introduction to Religion

PHL 1050: Science and Human Understanding

PHL 1400: Social Ethics

PHL 1410: Topics in Contemporary Ethic

PHL 1420: Law and Society

PHL 1430: Business Ethics

SPA 1010: Elementary Spanish I

SPA 1020: Elementary Spanish II

SPA 1050: The Culture of the Americas

SPA 1051: The Cultures of Puerto Rico

SPA 1052: The Culture of Belize

SPA 1053: Cultures of Spain

SPA 2010: Intermediate Spanish I

SPA 2020: Intermediate Spanish II

SPA 2050: Adv. Conversation and Composition

THE 1010: Introduction to Theatre

THE 2410: Major Movements in Western Theatre

3 credits

Students must complete a minimum of 3 credits.


Electives from any course numbered 1001 and above (except MTH 1040)

39 - 45 credits

Students must complete 22 credits.

Experience/coursework in programming languages is highly recommended. Additional biology, computer science, math, and cognitive science courses also recommended.

Total Transfer Credits


60 credits