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Residents' Committee

A committee of resident representatives from each department has been formed to communicate common concerns and ideas for improvement to the leaders of graduate medical education at GW. The committee meets monthly. We encourage all residents to bring their concerns, ideas, or other suggestions to the attention

Residents' Committee Membership 2017-2018
Chair Michelle Burnette 4 ANES
Chair Kourtney Grant 3 OBGY
Chair Robin Lanam 2 EMED
  Annam Abbasi 1 OBGY
  Mohammed Alsaggaf 1 IM
  Monica Arendt 1 IM
  Anne Chen 4 PATH
  Brian Epling 1 IM
  Michael Ferebee 1 IM
  Elizabeth Hogan 3 NSGY
  Kathryn Humes 2 IM
  Cameron Jones 2 ANES
  Christina Marlow 1 IM
  Patricia Ortiz 3 PSYC
  Joseph Park 4 ENT
  Jigar Patel 1 IM
  Lindsey Pflungner 3 OBYG
  Paul Pickmans 1 IM
  Gowri Ramachandran 2 PSYC
  Avani Raythatha OBGYN
  Faezeh Razjouyan 2 RAD
  Brenna Rosenberg 1 PSYC
  Brittany Sanford 3 OBGY
  Michael Simon 2 IM
  Leah Steckler 2 EMED
  Natalie Sullivan 1 EMED
  Kendrew Wong 1 IM