Institutional Committee

Resident participation on medical staff committees is strongly encouraged. Membership is open to residents on the following George Washington University Hospital medical staff committees: Cancer Committee, Credentials Committee, Critical Care Committee, Disaster Committee, Ethics Committee, Executive Committee, Hospital Quality Council, Infection Control Committee, Medical Records Committee, Operating Room Committee, Perinatal Committee, and Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. Residents are chosen in April to serve for the academic year. Contact your representative on the Residents' Committee if you would like to serve on a medical staff committee

Resident Representatives on GW Hospital Committees


Brenna Rosenberg, MD - Psychiatry
Lauren Glikes, MD - Internal Medicine

Cancer Committee

Anne Chen, MD - Pathology
Kristen Millado, MD - Internal Medicine
Hind Rafei, MD - Internal Medicine

Critical Care Committee

Michael Ferebee, MD - Emergency Medicine
Lisa Glass, MD - Internal Mediicne
Michael Simon, MD - Internal Medicine

Breast Care

Sara Smilavich, MD - Radiology
Daniel Krol, MD - Hematology and Oncology
Samah Nassereddine, MD - Hematology and Oncology
Zain Qazi, MD - Radiology

Ethics Committee

Quinton Katler, MD - Ob/Gyn
Christina Marlow, MD - Internal Medicine
Michaela Salvo, MD - Emergency Medicine

Infection Control Committee

Hana Akselrod, MD - Infectious Disease
Michael Cichocki, MD - Internal Medicine
Praneet Kalkat, MD - Internal Medicine
Alessandra Secco, MD - Infectious Disease

Medical Records Committee

Monica Arendt, MD - Internal Medicine

Medical Staff QI

Zain Qazi, MD - Radiology
Brenna Rosenberg, MD - Psychiatry
Kendrew Wong, MD - Internal Medicine

Operating Room

Sean Bury, MD - Otolarygology
Tanzeem Islam, MD - Anesthesiology
Joseph Park, MD - Otolaryngology

Prenatal Peer Review

Brittany Sanford, MD - Ob/Gyn
Matthew Waitner, MD - Ob/Gyn

Perinatal QI

Tolulope Fatokun, MD - Ob/Gyn
Lindsey Pflugner, MD - Ob/Gyn

Pharmacy & Therapeutic

Brian Epling, MD - Internal Medicine
Radha Delvadia, MD - Anesthesiology

Transfusion Medicine Committee

Rim Abdallah, MD - Pathology
Ghazal Kango, MD - Internal Medicine

Emergency Management Committee

Ainsly Adams, MD - Emergency Medicine
Cameron Jones, MD - Anesthesiology
Patrick McCarville, MD - Emergency Medicine
Natalie Sullivan, MD - Emergency Medicine

Hospital Quality Council

Kathyryn Humes, MD - Internal Medicine
Paul Pickmans, MD - Internal Medicine

Medical Executive

Kathyryn Humes, MD - Internal Medicine
Sean Kraekel, MD - Orthopaedic Surgery

Resident Representatives on SMHS Committees

Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC)

Michelle Burnette, MD - Anesthesiology

Kourtney Grant, MD - Ob/Gyn

Robin Lanam, MD - Emergency Medicine

SMHS Faculty Senate