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W.T. Gill Summer Fellowship

First year medical students at GW are invited to apply for the W.T. Gill Summer Fellowship stipends for select research internships at The George Washington University, Children's National Health System and the Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Faculty from GW and CNHS are invited to submit research opportunities for a medical student here.

Student may review faculty research opportunities here.

Apply for a W.T. Gill Fellowship:

GW Student Application for W.T. Gill Fellowship

Please see the Program Description and Selection Criteria for requirements. Projects must be a minimum of 8 weeks in length and objectives must be achievable within that time frame. Clinical research must comply with GW Human Subjects research guidelines and have IRB and/or IACUC approval (if applicable) before the student begins the internship.

  • Faculty will submit research opportunities by Dec. 1.
  • Proposals are provided as the "GW Faculty Proposals for Medical Student Summer Research Packet" to GW medical students in December.
  • Students review the project descriptions and contact faculty preceptors.
  • Faculty interview at least three students and then select one student for the project, providing an offer letter to the student (on letterhead) addressing specific information about the project, supervision structure, and the student's responsibilities.
  • The selected student completes the student application by March 1. No applications will be reviewed until March 2, and there is no advantage to applying early.
  • Stipends are $4,000 each

Students may also propose a Gill internship project with additional GW or CNHS faculty, as long as the faculty and project meet the same expectations.

Fellowship recipients must provide an abstract and a PowerPoint poster from the project at the end of the summer. These may be adapted for use in Fusion magazine, GW or CNHS Research Days (held in April each year), or subsequent professional meetings and research manuscripts.

Contact Information

Malia Habib
Senior Administrator
Office of Research
School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Ross Hall
The George Washington University
Washington, DC 20037

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