Research Degrees & Workshops

Training for research infrastructure and tools, including REDCap, OnCore, etc., is available.

For a general orientation to clinical research, consider the NIH Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research course on clinical research and the research process. The online course highlights biostatistical and epidemiologic methods, study design, protocol preparation, patient monitoring, quality assurance, ethical and legal issues.

Graduate Certificate

(15 Credits)
  Master's Clinical Research Practice

(36 Credits total)
HSCI 6263: Biostatistics for CTR (3)

HSCI 6264: Epidemiology for CTR (3)

CTS 6246: CTR Capstone Project (3)

CTS 6203: Ethical Legal Issues in CTR (1)

CTS 6202: Research Methods for CTR (2)

CTS 6205: Oinical Trial Investigation (3)
PLUS CTS 6201: Critical Analysis Clin. Research (3)

CTS 6273: Bioinformatics for Genomics (3)

CTS 6261: Foundations in CTR (3)

CTS 6266: Grantwriting lndiv (3)

CTS 6275: Transdisc. Research Proposal (3)

CTS 6285: Collaboration & Team Science (3)

XX Elective (3)
Possible electives:
RAFF 6205: Regulatory Compliance

RAFF 6201: Intro Global Regulatory Affairs

RAFF 6202: Regulatory: Drugs & Biologics

RAFF 6203: Regulatory: Device Diagnost.

RAFF 6204: Clinical Res. Regulatory Affairs
  CRA 6202: Medicines Development

CRA 6203: Paitnershp s Human Subjects

CRA 6204: The Clinical Research Industry

CRA 6209: Quality and Risk Management

INFR 6101: Princ. Biomed Informatics

Graduate Certificate and Masters in Clinical Research Practice

For investigators who seek additional training, we continue to provide advanced research training via an online or blended learning environment and generous faculty tuition waivers. Students enjoy CTS 6205 Clinical Investigation syllabus and other offerings. Popular courses, graduate certificates and Masters' degrees are continuously updated. For example, the core graduate certificate in Clinical Research Practice features courses in biostatistics, epidemiology, research methods and ethics. These can be augmented to complete a Masters in Clinical Research Practice with additional courses in critical analysis, clinical investigation, bioinformatics, team science, grant writing, and electives.

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