SMHS Research Trends

Headshot of Robert Miller
Robert Miller

Vivian Gill Distinguished Research Professor

Vice Dean for Research and Academic Affairs

Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology

When I joined George Washington University in 2014, the School of Medicine and Health Sciences was just developing a strategic plan that included a goal to “augment the research portfolio and elevate its prominence through enhanced quality and impact.”

Since that time, many have put energy into building the research base in basic and clinical sciences, as well as education and infrastructure, with great results:

  • Funded research investigators continue to rise. We have hired 43 researchers in three years and many have brought grants and won new grants at GW.

There have also been significant increases in federal and non-federal research dollars at the SMHS and in Medical Faculty Associates-industry sponsored research as well.

One analysis, however, caught my attention. When we looked at our current research by discipline, the strengths stood out.

Pie chart of current research by discipline

Our research was split into five almost-equal areas, including Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Neuroscience/Autism, a combination of Renal/Genetics/Cardiology Physiology and “Other.” The school has made conscious investments with new leadership and researchers and we are beginning to see the results.

Of course, this represents SMHS research in late 2017. What will it look like in the future?

Robert Miller