Molecular Biology Facility

This facility consists of a growing array of shared equipment resources, currently available at no cost to end users. The facility is located on the 7th floor of Ross Hall.

All shared equipment scheduling is arranged through an online platform in order to facilitate experimental planning. For access, please contact Molly Karl at

Available Equipment:

Cryostat -Thermo-Fisher Cryostar NX50
This cryotome is available for users looking to prepare thin section frozen tissue samples. Featuring a large working chamber with space for up to 18 samples and an additional “Fast Freeze” Peltier cooling region for snap freezing of samples to maintain tissue integrity. To facilitate wrinkle-free section collection, this unit also features a vacutome which can be engaged to help flatten tricky tissue sections. This cryostat also features ergonomic design and adjustable height to facilitate seated or standing use. The machine has a built-in touch screen for easy adjustment of user defined parameters.

Automatic Liquid Handler - Eppendorf EpMotion 5070
This liquid handling robot provides precision pipetting replication, for increased reproducibility and accuracy across your experiment. This system is optimized for routine applications such as serial dilutions, reagent distribution, sample transfer and sample normalization. The robot is controlled by its own designated computer for interface control.

Infrared Imaging System -Li-Cor Odyssey Classic
This infrared imager allows users to easily visualize labeling of western blots, gels or microplates, via a digital platform, detecting up to 2 fluorescent channels at once. Image quality is clearer and more reliable than traditional ECL imaging with film and allows users to walk away with a digital file of their assay, ready to analyze. This platform boasts increased sensitivity and lower signal-to-noise ratio by using precision laser excitation. This unit has its own dedicated computer for interface control.

Dropwise Spectrophotometer - GE NanoVue Plus
This mini-platform spectrophotometer is used for the fast quantification of nucleic acid and proteins in your given sample. This platform boasts quick results for a small volume that can either be retained or discarded after measurement. With simple background elimination and standard measurement, this unit performs across a broad array of assays. This unit displays results on a built-in mini screen, with optional receipt printing via the integrated printer.

Real-Time Thermal Cycler -BioRadCFX384 Real-Time System and C1000 Thermal Cycler
This block-based PCR system can read real time single or multiplex assays (up to 4 color detection). This 384 well platform has an integrated screen for simple, quick-start experimental design, but also features a designated computer for more intuitive protocol design.

Quantitative PCR -Applied Biosystems ViiA 7
This real-time PCR system boasts compatibility with high-throughput assays to allow researchers to run hundreds of simultaneous reactions with microfluidic cards. This adaptable platform easily interchanges blocks for variable sized assays and has an integrated touch screen for intuitive quick-start. This unit has its own dedicated computer for interface control.

Plate Reader - Thermo-Fisher Varioskan Flash
This is a spectral scanning reader, used to measure fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence, absorbance, and luminescence. This platform can be used with 6 well-384 well plates, and boasts target incubation temperatures, shaking and reagent dispensing options. This unit has its own dedicated computer for interface control.

Bioanalyzer -Agilent Seahorse XFe96
This metabolic analyzer is used to measure mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis in live cell platforms. Specifically measuring oxygen consumption rate and extracellular acidification rate in both live cells and ex vivo samples, in a 96 well format. This unit has its own dedicated computer for interface control.

Satellite Biosafety Laboratory Facility. Isolated and dedicated “pod” spaces available to those investigators who require enhanced containment and/or those departments which have filled all of their available enhanced containment spaces. Each pod space has a private biosafety cabinet, CO2 incubator, sink and laboratory counter with storage space. Storage is also available in the shared facility space, along with several pieces of shared equipment including a chemical fume hood, autoclave, centrifuges (benchtop and floor), freezers and a cold room. Pod spaces can be reserved for long term use, and eligibility will be determined in collaboration with the Office of Laboratory Safety and the SMHS Vice Dean for Research and Academic Affairs.