Journal Clubs, Seminars, and Research Interest Groups

Please see the listing below for SMHS journal clubs and departmental seminars.

Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine Lecture Series: This lecture series brings in researchers from around the country to discuss research advances. For more information, contact Olga Reghay at

Biomedical Cross-disciplinary Series: This virtual lecture series explores a new cross-disciplinary topic each year. The goal is to promote networking and collaboration in translational health among researchers, health care providers, and policy makers from different disciplines to shift the paradigm—from seeking a cure to developing a strategy of prevention. For more information, contact Leigh Frame, PhD, MHS, at or Brett Shook, PhD at

Cardiovascular Research Interest Group: This in an interdisciplinary meeting organized by Dr. Richard Katz in Cardiology and Dr. Paul Marvar in Pharmacology & Physiology for basic and clinical investigators and residents, fellows, and PhD trainees. The meetings pair a basic/translational scientist with a clinician researcher to discuss current research. For more information, contact Sybile Bayiha at or Yaa Oforiwaa at

Dermatology Journal Club: Residents meet each week to discuss dermatology articles. For more information, contact Elizabeth Hazuka at

Endocrinology Journal Club: These meetings are held jointly with the Washington Hospital Center endocrine fellows and faculty. Every other week, two current articles from the medical literature are presented by fellows or residents and are discussed. For more information, contact Kerry-Ann Williams at

Genetics Journal Club: This club facilitates discussion of current papers in genetics. Faculty, fellows, residents, and students are welcome to attend. For more information, contact Charles Macri at or Laura Abate at

Grand Rounds: These meetings are put on by the Department of Medicine. Topics span all divisions of medicine, including obstetrics and gynecology, emergency medicine, orthopaedic surgery, dermatology, psychiatry, and current issues in medicine and medical research. For more information, contact Cristina Burgos at

GW Cancer Center Basic Sciences Seminar Series: This lecture series focuses on advances in cancer research. For more information, contact Daina Bolsteins at

Health Equity Series: The Department of Clinical Research and Leadership sponsored the five-month series to facilitate a shared understanding of health equity and its use as a lens for teaching, practicing, and service.

IMPACT Initiative Lunch & Learn Series: These lunch meetings promote scholarship and teamwork in teaching. They focus on technology, course design, multimedia, creative projects, and the scholarship of teaching. For more information, contact Mary Corcoran at

Inter-Departmental weekly GW SMHS Seminar Series: This virtual interdepartmental seminar series will feature research-active PIs from the four basic science Departments (Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine; Microbiology, Immunology, and Tropical Medicine; Pharmacology and Physiology; and Anatomy and Cell Biology). Seminars will be on Mondays at 4 PM beginning Oct. 4, 2020. For more information, contact Siobhan Hanna at

Internal Medicine Journal Club: These meetings occur at GW and at the VA. Medical Residents present current articles from the medical literature. For more information, contact Linda Lesky at

Microbiology, Immunology and Tropical Medicine Seminar Series: This lecture series meets monthly to discuss current research advances in microbiology and immunology. These meetings bring together microbiologists and immunologists from GW and the surrounding community. For more information, contact

Neuroscience Seminar Series: This is a lecture series hosted by the Department of Anatomy and Regenerative Biology for faculty, students, and postdocs. For more information, contact Teresa Simbulan at

Neurological Surgery Journal Club: Residents meet monthly to discuss the medical literature. For more information, contact Francesca Copeland at

Obstetrics & Gynecology Journal Club: This club meets twice monthly to discuss current papers in obstetrics and gynecology. For more information, contact John Shafer at

Orthopaedic Surgery Journal Club: Each month, residents and attendings meet to discuss orthopedic articles. For more information, contact Ivan Rivas at

Urgent Matters Webinars: This series provides presentations and moderated discussions with leaders in the emergency care community. For more information, contact Caitlin Carter at