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Art of Science

Each year, the School of Medicine and Health Sciences invites SMHS medical students, graduate students, and postdocs to submit their artistic research images to the Art of Science contest. These images showcase our work and passion for science while highlighting the beauty and breadth of research in SMHS.

Students and postdocs may submit one image that captures their research with artistic style. A jury from SMHS selects winners for cash prizes based on the visual impact of the image.

We would like to congratulate the 2018 Art of Science Winners! Selected images are on display in the Dean’s Suite in Ross Hall and in Himmelfarb Library.

First Place:

First place art of science image- Brett Eaton Brett Eaton, PhD student
Marburg virus (turquoise) budding from gray infected dendritic cells (red nuclei)

Additional Winners:

Rachel Burga, PhD student
Natural killer cell with iron oxide nanoparticles conjugated to the surface
Samantha Dow, PhD student
Neurons (red and yellow) derived from apical (blue) and basal (green) progenitor stem cells in the cortex
Naemeh Pourshafie, PhD student
Motor neuron with dendrites and axons (yellow) and mutant protein aggregates (red) among undifferentiated stem cells.
Jessica Schenck, PhD student
Astrocytes (green) and nuclei (blue) in the central nervous system

Previous winners

Olfactory bulb

Aslam Akhtar, Medical student
2017 First Place Winner

Olfactory bulb interneurons (green) and astrocytes (magenta) in the brain

Shabnum Patel, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow
2017 Winner

T cells producing different cytokines (in different colors) in an immune response to a microbial antigen

Naemeh Pourshafie, PhD student
2017 Winner

Spinal motor neurons derived from stem cells with dendrites and axons (red), motor neuron marker (green), and nuclei (blue)

Jessica Schenck, PhD student
2017 Winner

Cerebellum with myelin (red), astrocytes (green), and nuclei (blue)

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