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Medical Student Research Day

Medical student research day is a forum for all medical students at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences to showcase their work through the publication of abstracts, poster sessions and selected oral presentations. This year, we will have a live virtual event on Friday, May 7th starting at 1 pm, with a distinguished plenary speaker, oral presentations by student award winners, and a virtual poster session.

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Dr. Judith Hochman, Professor of Medicine and Senior Associate Dean of NYU Langone School of Medicine.

Title: The Role of Revascularization in Ischemic Heart Disease. A Career as a Clinical Trialist.

A detailed program with a schedule of events.

DOWNLOAD: Medical Student Research Day 2021 Program

Medical student research day is designed to highlight the breadth of research and scholarly activity that medical students have accomplished during their education at GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences. All medical students are invited to present research regardless of the area of focus. Abstract submissions represent a broad range of research interests and disciplines, including basic and translational science, clinical research, health policy and public health research, and education-related research.

DOWNLOAD: Abstract Book (Medical Student Research Day 2021)

Virtual posters describing the student research in more details.

Review Virtual Posters

Live discussion of the virtual posters will take place at 3:30pm in the following breakout groups at these links:

CTR1: Clinical and Translational Research; Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine

CTR2: Clinical and Translational Research; Cancer, Radiation Oncology, and Radiology

CTR3: Clinical and Translational Research; Cardiology, Pulmonology, and Geriatric Medicine

CTR4: Clinical and Translational Research; Critical Care; COVID 1

CTR5: Clinical and Translational Research; Critical Care; COVID 2

CTR6: Clinical and Translational Research; Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Urology

CTR7: Clinical and Translational Research; Infectious Disease and Dermatology

CTR8: Clinical and Translational Research; Neurology and Psychiatry

CTR9: Clinical and Translational Research: Surgery, Orthopedics, and OB/GYN

MedEd: Medical Education Research

PH1: Public Health: Health Policy Research

PH2: Public Health: Community and Urban Health

PH3: Public Health: Quality Improvement and Global Health