Research Days 2015

GW Research Days 2015

Undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students showcased their work and competed for prize money at the Annual Research Days. This event is dedicated to highlighting the breadth of research, creative scholarship, and cultural discovery on issues of major disciplinary, multidisciplinary, and global significance being done at GW by students and postdoctoral researchers.

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2015 Health & Medicine Topics Winners

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

1st Place: Shaunak Mulani (Poster 70), "CXCL5 and POSTN are involved in the phenoconversion of fibroblasts to myofibroblasts in Chronic Rhinosinusitis."
2nd Place: Sameer Aggarwal (Poster 82), "Increase in contrast enhancement after chemoradiotherapy for glioblastoma predicts worse overall and progression-free survival"
3rd Place: Mark Marchitto (Poster 107), "Rate Control of Atrial Arrhythmias Can Be Achieved by Selective Cardiac Neurostimulation"

Biomedical Engineering

1st Place - Akhil Chandra (Poster 40), "The Adverse Effects of Bisphenol-A on Cardiac Mechanical Function"
2nd Place - Richard Smith (Poster 54), "Identification and Enumeration of Lymphocytes Expressing Human CD4 Antigen in Whole Blood Using a Microfluidic Device"

1st Place - Ivan Suarez Castellanos (Poster 56), "Ultrasound Stimulation of Insulin Release From Pancreatic Beta Cells"
2nd Place - Kara Garrott (Poster 43), "Shortening of Action Potential Duration with Increased Work in Contracting Rabbit Heart "

Milken Institute School for Public Health

Masters Presenter: Cassandra Phillips (Poster 13), "Fast Food: a Source of Exposure to Phthalates and Bisphenol A in a Nationally Representative Sample"
Doctoral Presenter: Wei Zhang (Poster 24), "Effect of Imputation of Missing Data in the State Inpatient Databases on Racial Disparities Research"

School of Nursing

1st Place: Elzbieta Kmiecik (Poster 284), "Impact of Implementing the Geriatric Resource Nurse Model on Fall and Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcer Rates, and Length of Stay"
2nd Place: Billy Mullins (Poster 285), "Psychometric Evaluation of the Elopement Risk Assessment Tool"