Research Days 2014

All undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students, as well as faculty and residents were invited to participate in this annual two-day event showcasing their research, creative scholarship, and cultural discovery through poster sessions, presentations and guest speakers.

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April 2, 2014 Winners (Medicine & Health Topics)

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

1st Place: Robin Stiller

2nd Place: Lindsay Marszal

3rd Place: Samantha Ahle

Institute for Biomedical Sciences (IBS)

Tied for 1st Place:

Kelsey Sugrue (mentor: Dr Irene Zohn) Nodal Cilia Functions to Robust Nodal Activation During Left-Right Axis Formation

Lindsay Garvin (mentor: Dr. Mary Rose) Role of Inflammatory Transcription Factors and the Glucocorticoid Receptor in the Repression of MUC5AC Gene Expression by VBP15

2nd Place: Jelena Perovanovic (mentor: Dr. Eric Hoffman) Nuclear Envelope is important for Myogenic Epigenomic Developmental Programs and Normal Cell Fate

Milken Institute School of Public Health

Masters: Miriam Tesfahun, "Estimating the prevalence of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (DMV). To also examine OB/GYN and midwives knowledge and attitude on FGM and their level of preparedness when encountering these patients"

Doctoral: Maya Tuchman Gerstein "Preventative health care for adolescents with and without special health care needs: an analysis of two rival frameworks"

Biomedical Engineering

1st place - Daina Brooks, "A comparison of the effects of acetylcholine and bisphenol A on the left ventricular pressure and
contractility of the heart"
2nd place - Elizabeth Hubler, "Evaluation of synthetic self-oscillating models of the vocal folds"
3rd place - Michael Leggiero, "Dynamical systems characterization of fluid flow in a curved artery model under pulsatile forcing"

1st place - Anastasia Wengrowski, "Optically mapping the effects of light-activated norepinephrine release from cardiac sympathetic
2nd place - Nathan Castro, "3D printed bioactive nanostructured scaffolds for osteochondral regeneration"
3rd place - Benjamin Holmes, "Enhanced mechanical and cytocompatibility properties of novel 3D printed osteochondral

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