The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is elected by the Faculty Assembly and acts on the Assembly’s behalf to:

  • meets monthly to consider any matters of interest or concern to the Faculty Assembly and to make recommendations to the Faculty Assembly, Dean, and to the University Faculty Senate;
  • serve as the liaison between the Dean and the Faculty Assembly;
  • appoint the membership of standing committees, and to establish and appoint members to ad hoc committees to study and make reports on any matters of concern to the faculty;
  • receive reports from all Committees and to present them to the Faculty Assembly;
  • assign specific matters for study to the appropriate standing or special committees;
  • propose the agenda for meetings of the Faculty Assembly, in consultation with the Dean, and serve as the means through which regular faculty members may introduce matters for consideration by the Faculty Assembly;
  • act, in accordance with its Bylaws, on behalf of the Faculty Assembly in those matters requiring immediate action when it is not feasible to call a special meeting of the Assembly;
  • serve as the Committee on Committees for the Faculty Assembly.