Alumni of SMHS belong to a special community. For nearly 200 years, graduates have looked back on their formative years at SMHS and have been inspired to give back. Their generosity over the years has created a rich legacy and the means to help current students become exceptionally trained, compassionate physicians and health care providers of tomorrow. Through the generosity of alumni and community of donors, we significantly expanded our student scholarships over the past year and provided more than $3 million that directly supported our students’ academic pursuits.

"Global Opportunities" - Sushmita Malik, SMHS ’20  from GW Alumni and Development on Vimeo.

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Engaging Alumni with the SMHS Community

The mission of the Office of Alumni Relations is to engage our alumni and connect them with the SMHS community. Alumni have the chance to connect with one another at the many alumni events we hold across the country. Old friends can reunite at our annual Alumni Weekend, which welcomes alumni back to the Foggy Bottom campus every fall. We also give our alumni the opportunity to attend lectures, discussions, and CMEs here on campus.

We aim to build connections between alumni and current students. Students value the chance to talk with men and women who experienced the same journey that they are going through, and who went on to achieve success in their careers. Philanthropy from our alumni supports our students in multiple ways, including:

  • Assists students financially through scholarships like the Adopt-a-Doc Scholarship, which also gives the donor the opportunity to mentor the scholarship recipient
  • Provides first-year MD and graduating PA students with their white coats
  • Equips students with iPads and other educational technology
  • Enables the school community to celebrate graduating MD students on Match Day

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways that alumni can give their time to support students and the school community. Alumni can:

  • Serve as a preceptor
  • Host fourth-year students traveling for their residency interviews or who have matched in your area
  • Supervise the student-run GW Healing Clinic
  • Volunteer with the GW PT or PA programs
  • Help organize your class reunion