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White Coat Initiative

The MD, PA, and PT White Coat Initiatives were established to create a lifelong connection between GW students and alumni. You can sponsor one or more students with the gift of a white coat — a wonderful way to show your support for the next generation of GW health care providers and welcome them on their professional journey.

MD White Coat Initiative

Photo of Shannon Tillery, MD Class of 2022“On the day of the white coat ceremony, I was welcomed into a community of like-minded individuals who have devoted their lives to service. Receiving my first white coat was a tangible experience of positivity and hope, an open door to a future that for many years had seemed like an impossibility. It is more than a simple uniform or piece of clothing; it symbolizes a wealth of guidance from predecessors and offers the invaluable privilege of providing care to patients. When I put on my white coat, I am reminded that I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime and that it is my responsibility to never lose sight of that gratitude.”
- Shannon Tillery, MD Class of 2022

Give a White Coat

The MD White Coat and Honor Code Ceremony has become one of the most important traditions for the incoming medical class at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences. During this rite of passage, new medical students don their first short white coats, marking the official start of their medical career. The MD White Coat Initiative provides incoming medical students with their first white coat, as well as the essential equipment needed for their education.

Your contribution shows students you believe in their ability to succeed and is a symbol of your commitment to the next generation of GW physicians. With your gift of $350 or more, your name will be placed in the coat pocket of a medical student and you will be recognized in the ceremony’s program.

Last year’s MD White Coat and Honor Ceremony was Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019, at 2 p.m. in Lisner Auditorium. Watch the Live Recording!

PA White Coat Initiative

The PA White Coat Initiative provides graduating GW physician assistants with a white coat during a special ceremony held during commencement week. Each year, GW PA alumni donate to the Initiative to ensure that each graduating PA student receives a white coat. Your gift to the Initiative demonstrates your commitment to the profession and to the next generation of GW PAs.

Give a White Coat

PT White Coat Initiative

The PT White Coat Initiative provides incoming physical therapy students with their first white coats during the PT Convocation and White Coat Ceremony each fall. Each year, graduating PT students and their fellow PT alumni donate to the Initiative to ensure that each new PT student receives a gifted white coat. This tradition creates a strong bond between the GW PT alumni and students. Your gift to this fund is a symbol of your commitment to the profession and the next generation of GW physical therapists.

Give a White Coat

For more information on any of the White Coat Initiatives, please contact the SMHS Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 202-994-7511 or