White Coat Initiative

White Coat InitiativeThe MD and PA White Coat Initiative was established to create a lifelong connection between GW students and alumni. The gift of white coat and support of educational activities throughout their years at GW reminds students every day that the quality of their education and experience at GW depends on the contributions of those who preceded them.

With your support, the MD and PA White Coat Initiative sponsors many activities that benefit the students. Among the highlights are:

  • White coats for students as they start their careers
  • Supplies for Community Service Day
  • Educational technology and software
  • Special gift for graduates to welcome them into the alumni family

Give to the MD White Coat Initiative.

Give to the PA White Coat Initiative.

For more information on the MD White Coat Initiative, please contact Lisa Harter at 202-994-0764 or lwharter@gwu.edu.

For more information on the PA White Coat Ininitiative, please contact Sarah Klein at 202-994-7420 or smklein@gwu.edu.