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Physicians at SMHS work in close collaboration with our clinical partners at The Medical Faculty Associates and George Washington Hospital to provide quality, compassionate clinical care to tens of thousands of patients each year. 

Will you join us and be a part of the future of Medicine?

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Caring for the Washington, D.C. Community since 1824

At George Washington, we pursue the art of healing. Patients at the GW Hospital and the GW Medical Faculty Associates not only receive the most effective and compassionate care available, but also benefit from the dynamic education and groundbreaking research provided by SMHS. This powerful combination helps to drive improved patient outcomes, and is why so many patients have placed their trust in GW.

Every Gift Matters

Your gift is an opportunity to say thank you to a member of your GW care team, a department, or a program that made a difference in your health. The GW Discovery Fund for Medicine supports the dedicated care teams and researchers at the GW Medical Faculty Associates and the School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

In honoring the committed caregivers and programs at the GW MFA and SMHS, you support our vital mission to:

  • Provide compassionate and skilled health care
  • Establish research initiatives that promote lifesaving treatments and therapies
  • Educate the next generation of health care professionals
  • Improve access and resources for community health

In a field as complex and rapidly evolving as health care, philanthropic support from patients and friends is essential. Every dollar donated to the GW Discovery Fund for Medicine allows us to be there for our patients when they need it most.

A healthier tomorrow is in our sights, and with your generosity, we will get there. Together, we can improve lives.

Please partner with us in progress and give a special gift, online or by mail. To reach the Development Office please call us at (202) 994-7511. If you’d like to give by mail, please make your check payable to George Washington University and include the particular fund designation in the comments section. Mail to:

PO BOX 98131
WASHINGTON, DC 20077-9756

Recent News

March 16, 2017

Four years ago, Jose Reyes found out he had stage four kidney disease. He was put on transplant lists in Washington, D.C. and in Maryland, but as he started dialysis, his health was deteriorating. For nearly nine months, he waited.

March 16, 2017

In 2013, Danette Cunningham, 47, was driving her car when she unexpectedly blacked out and crashed. She had no idea what happened, and didn’t drive for four months. After replacing her car, Danette blacked out again while driving.

December 11, 2016

Maurice Lucas, a kidney donation recipient, met his donor, Jane Bishop, for the first time at the GW Transplant Institute.