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Support Students

Our students are the health care leaders of tomorrow. We are dedicated to advancing their education and expanding the scope of opportunities they have access to. Scholarships, funds for technology and supplies, and support for student initiatives such as the GW Healing Clinic all enhance the educational experience of tomorrow’s physicians and health care professionals.

Will you join us and be a part of the future of Medicine?

Scholarship Fund


Thank You For Making A Difference

Randy Ray

I started my career as a humanitarian aid worker and witnessed more suffering than I was prepared to see. The lack of health care was omnipresent and it was these experiences that inspired me to become a doctor. Because I received a scholarship, I can continue to help those in need. I feel truly blessed and thankful for the support of GW alumni like you."

Lisa Chuong

I have always been passionate about health equity and education, and I believe that everyone should have access to quality care. That is why I wanted to become a PA. The cost of going back to school was overwhelming. Thankfully, I was selected to receive the Patrisha C. Creevy, PA-C Scholarship. Because of her generosity, I received scholarship funds that enable me to focus on my studies and reduce my financial burden. I am so grateful for her support and the support of the greater GW alumni community."

Rachael Sottile

I am so honored and grateful to receive my GW scholarship. The generosity of alumni donors truly demonstrates a commitment to service, to community, and to the profession—commitments that I share. My dream is to break new ground in PT research, serve as a PT volunteer in needy communities at home and abroad, and provide the most up-to-date and evidence-based care to my patients. With this scholarship, I can continue to pursue learning experiences that will enable me to improve the lives of others. Thank you for your support and encouragement."

Mark Webster

As a practicing pharmacist, I have witnessed the emerging need for more holistic approaches to health. People want to understand their options for preventing illness and managing their conditions outside of medication. A lot of wellness misinformation exists, and most pharmacists aren’t trained in integrative medicine. My goal is to become a naturopathic pharmacist so that I can provide diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and medication information to patients—a more holistic approach to healing and wellness. I am so thankful for my scholarship.