As a longtime supporter of student scholarships and a former scholarship recipient, Art Sober, ‘68, BA ‘65, credits the education and financial support he received from GW for giving him the background to succeed.
When Gordon S. Moshman, MD ’78, was accepted to medical school, he thought he might want to be a surgeon. The high costs of a medical education, however, left him looking for alternatives.
From the minute she started as an MD student at the George Washington University (GW), Cara Muñoz-Buchanan knew she wanted to help create an elective in criminal justice health. Just a few months ago that dream became a reality – in part thanks to the Lazarus Scholars in Health Care Delivery…
Emily Balog, a Translational Health Sciences PhD student, received the Pat Tillman Foundation Scholarship, which provides academic support for military service members and their spouses.
As a child, Sushmita Malik, MD Class of 2020, loved to switch her television between her two favorite shows: “Arthur” and “ER.” Her fascination with emergency medicine never waned. “Someone comes into the emergency department with a problem and you’re there to fix it,” she says.
"It means a lot to me to be a first-generation college student. [My father] instilled in me the value of hard work and the importance of education. Receiving a scholarship has defined my journey through medical school. It’s guided me in choosing what I want to do in the future and the type of…
To give students at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences the ability to enrich their medical education overseas without adding to the debt they accrue during school, the GW International Medicine Programs provides myriad scholarship opportunities.
SMHS alumni help shape the future, offering financial assistance for the next generation of GW medical students.
The prestigious fellowship provides $32,000 in funding for a year of cardiovascular research, with a bonus of $8,000 for travel expenses to find the ideal lab.
“There’s a lot of uncertainty and anxiety about being a health care student. There is very low tolerance for mistakes, there’s high expectations, and it felt like someone really stepped up and made a vote of confidence in me that I received that scholarship. I actually thought about that quite a…