GW Med Alumni Connect - Student Information

The GW Med Alumni Connect (GWMAC), an initiative of the SMHS Office of Alumni Relations, is designed to connect medical students to alumni across the country who are willing to provide support during the residency interview process and after matching.

GW alumni understand the stresses of residency and are eager to share the lessons they have learned. Alumni may provide medical students with:

  • information about residency programs at specific institutions or hospitals
  • information about your chosen specialty (or information to help you decide on a specialty)
  • information about the local residency program's area or community
  • guidance on how to manage residency years
  • guidance on relocating with a partner, spouse, or children

This is just one of the programs supported by the GW SMHS Office of Alumni Relations that aims to strengthen the community of medical alumni and current students.

If you would like to be connected with a GW alumnus/a, please fill out the GWMAC Student registration form.

For questions about GW Med Alumni Connect, contact Kim Boddie, at 202-994-9495 or email