GW Med Alumni Connect - FAQs

What time of year will I be contacted by students?
Residency interviews take place between October-January, but even third-year medical students are looking for guidance and information prior to their residency applications. It's best if you can be available at any time of the year. If you have specific times that you would not be able to connect with a medical student and answer questions, please indicate that on your interest form.

How many students can I connect with?
As many times as your schedule allows.

What assistance might I provide?
You can share information about residency programs at specific institutions or hospitals, information about your chosen specialty, information about the local residency program's area/community, guidance on how to manage residency years, and guidance on relocating with a partner, spouse, or children. Basically, share any information you wish someone would have told while you experienced this exciting and challenging time.

How can I sign up for GW Med Alumni Connect(GWMAC)?
Submit the GW Med Alumni Connect registration form and the GW SMHS Office of Alumni Relations will contact you to begin the process of matching you with a student.

How do I contact the student I am matched with?
The GW SMHS Office of Alumni Relations will share your contact information with the student. The student will reach out to you.

What if I signed up but no longer wish to participate?
Contact Kim Boddie at 202-994-9495 or to be removed from the GWMAC database.

If you have any other questions about GW Med Alumni Connect, contact Kim Boddie, or the main SMHS office at 202-994-7511.