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Maintaining Heart Key Theme at Gold Humanism Honor Society Induction Ceremony

When David Popiel, MD, MPH, assistant professor of medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS), was inducted into the Arnold P. Gold Foundation’s Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) as medical student, Arnold Gold gave him a challenge: find your next step in your practice of humanism.

Twelve years later, Popiel issued a similar challenge to the 25 medical students from the Class of 2018 inducted into GHHS.

“I know many of you have incredibly big hearts, very smart brains … I know many of you are just infectiously excited about practicing medicine … So what is your next step?” Popiel, this year’s GHHS faculty inductee, asked during the induction ceremony held at Washington, D.C.’s historic Willard Hotel during Commencement Week.

“If Dr. Gold were here, he would tell you to make sure you figure out how to grow that heart. Your brains will keep going – you’re going to continue to learn new things – but that heart, you have to figure out how you are going to nurture that, how you are going to groom that and maintain that ... you cannot neglect that heart piece.” 

Maintaining humanism remained a consistent theme during the ceremony.  

“We all have our stories. Everyone has a story. I think as long as you remember that with your patients, that is what is going to keep you human,” advised Laura Tiusaba Guzman, a fourth-year medical student at SMHS.

Fellow graduating student and inductee Emmeline Ha thanked the other society members and acknowledged how their compassion and support kept her going during medical school.

“Please continue to embody those values [of humanism] so that you can inspire your patients, your peers, and your students to be like that too,” she said.

Yolanda Haywood, MD, RESD ’87, BA ’81, associate dean for diversity, inclusion, and student affairs and associate professor of emergency medicine at SMHS, congratulated inductees and reminded them that “membership in the Gold Humanism Honor Society is considered a mark of excellence.” She issued her own challenge as well.

“We talk about humanism, but your humanism is all grounded in your ability to love … your classmates, your patients, your families, and even us as the administration. Your challenge today as you move into the next stage of your career is to figure out a way to carry that with you and not ever let it go. Because there is such power in it – it’s unbelievable,” Haywood concluded.

The 2018 student inductees are:

Sagah Ahmed
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Internal Medicine

Mallette Asmuth
University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals
Internal Medicine

Linda Ataifo
MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
Family Medicine

James Boddu
Jackson Memorial Hospital
Neurological Surgery

Alexia Charles
Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center

Nicole Doria
University of Pittsburg Medical Center-Medical Education
Internal Medicine

Domenique Escobar
University of California San Francisco Medical Center
Preliminary Surgery/General/Urology

Emmeline Ha
Stanford University Programs
Family Medicine

Maria Nabil Henry
U Washington Affiliated Hospital

Bridget Huysman
Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Ashtin Jeney
Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
General Surgery

Priyanka Joshi
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Christina Kaba
University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center
Primary Medicine/UCLA-VA

Alice Schmidt Kehaya
Oregon Health Science University
Internal Medicine

Jamie Carpenter Majdi
University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Family Medicine

Kaylah Maloney
Thomas Jefferson University
Emergency Medicine

Omid Manoochehri
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Emergency Medicine

Chloe Michel
Naval Medical Center San Diego
General Surgery

Noah Ravenborg
University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center
Primary Medicine/UCLA-VA

Julia Rozier
Carle Foundation Hospital
Family Medicine

Matt Snyder
Baylor College of Medicine
Pediatrics-Medical Genetics

Madeline Taskier

Jason Juan-Jye Teng
Stanford University Programs
Emergency Medicine

Laura Tiusaba Guzman
Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University
Preliminary Surgery

Sarah Van Remmen
University of Maryland Medical Center