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GW Hospital Announces Defining Medicine Campaign

The George Washington University Hospital has been moving medicine forward for the benefit of the region and beyond since 1825. As a major step in achieving our mission, I am excited to announce our Defining Medicine campaign. This campaign represents a new direction for our organization and so I would like to explain its meaning, how it relates to our values as an academic medical center, and what it means for you as a patient.

When you come to GW Hospital, we want to provide the best results and a quality patient experience. We bring medical breakthroughs into our day-to-day practice and set the highest standards in patient care. We believe knowledge comes from questioning the status quo, discovering more about complex medical issues and using that knowledge to improve the health of our community. Academic medicine is embodied in the partnerships between GW Hospital, The School of Medicine and Health Sciences, The School of Public Health and The GWU Medical Faculty Associates.

Academic medical centers provide innovation, and are directly responsible for medical breakthroughs that define healthcare delivery. Defining Medicine refers to our capacity as a system to think, study, research, discover, evaluate, teach, learn, perfect and innovate. Surgeons perfect a surgical technique. Researchers launch a new clinical trial. Medical faculty trains the next generation of doctors. We solve complex medical cases. We innovate. We define the future of medicine.

Welcome to The George Washington University Hospital.

Barry A. Wolfman
Chief Executive Officer

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