News » Daniela Drago, PhD, RAC, Receives TOPRA Fellowship

Daniela Drago, PhD, RAC, Receives TOPRA Fellowship

Daniela Drago, PhD, RAC, director of the Regulatory Affairs Programs and associate professor of clinical research and leadership at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, joined The Organization for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs (TOPRA) in the early 2000s to broaden her knowledge and take advantage of career resources. Now, after nearly two decades in the organization, she is being recognized as a TOPRA Fellow.

TOPRA is a professional membership organization for individuals in health care regulatory affairs that works internationally to promote excellence across the profession. The TOPRA fellowship program is a highly respected component of the organization that showcases individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field.

“TOPRA fellows serve as important resources for knowledge and guidance to the global regulatory community,” Drago said. “They are experts, leaders, writers, and speakers who are committed to the regulatory profession and to sharing their knowledge. I am very proud to join this group.”

Drago adds that her TOPRA membership has allowed her to give back to the community, become a mentor, and earn leadership positions within the organization. She served as a member of the TOPRA professionalism committee, and currently she is an advisory council member to the TOPRA Board of Directors.

To be considered for a fellowship, candidates must show a noteworthy impact on the field, and be nominated by at least two colleagues, one of whom must be a TOPRA Fellow. Qualified candidates should demonstrate regulatory competence, significant involvement, and exceptional leadership. In addition, they must provide evidence that their contributions positively impacted the profession.

"I am pleased that my colleagues in the regulatory field believe that I have accomplished enough to deserve such an honor,” Drago said. “To be chosen as a TOPRA Fellow represents years of devotion to regulatory excellence in the national and international stage."