SMHS Research Showcase

Research Day, April 25, 2024

3rd Floor - University Student Center

Research day is planned as a live, in-person event with poster sessions at the University Student Center, as well as live presentations from a distinguished plenary speaker, and selected student oral presentations of their work.

Medical student research day is a forum for all medical students at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences to showcase their work through the publication of abstracts, poster sessions and selected oral presentations. This year, we will have a live in-person event on Thursday, April 25th at 12 pm, with a distinguished plenary speaker, oral presentations by student award winners, followed by a poster session.

Plenary Speaker: Omaida C. Velazquez, MD

Title: Gene-Modified MSCs and Direct Gene Therapy as Novel Strategies for Vascular Regeneration and Wound Healing

A detailed program with a schedule of events.

SMHS Research Showcase 2024 Program

SMHS Research Showcase is designed to highlight the breadth of research and scholarly activity that medical students have accomplished during their education at GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences. All students are invited to present research regardless of the area of focus. Abstract submissions represent a broad range of research interests and disciplines, including basic and translational science, clinical research, health policy and public health research, and education-related research.